October 22, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

Manufacturer: Ryobi

Often when we tackle RYOBI tool reviews we suffer a backlash from Pros. Yet, we see professional tradesmen using RYOBI tools on the job site every day. When we do hands-on field testing we find that while RYOBI underperforms some of the top brands, they offer an incredible value. Pros appreciate tools like the Ryobi 18V brushless impact driver. It provides plenty of power for most tasks and costs just $99 for the bare tool. RYOBI also makes some of the handiest and creative tools we’ve seen on the market—all of which work on the RYOBI ONE+ platform. Great examples include the Ryobi Devour cordless sweeper and the Ryobi cordless shop vac. RYOBI Tool Reviews – Fit for Pros The Ryobi tool reviews listed below cover the gamut from drills, drivers, and kits to specialty tools like the Ryobi cordless pin nailer. Pros are finding more and more that these tools represent an incredible value for job site use. If you’re looking for great RYOBI tool deals, click here.

Ryobi RP4000 Tek4 Self Leveling Plumb/Cross Laser Review

Ryobi Self Leveling Plumb Cross Laser Review RP4000

The RP4000 Self Leveling Plumb/Cross Laser represents one of the best values we’ve seen in a while. For pros and do-it-yourselfers alike, this is one tool that is priced as low, or lower than many of the non-rechargeable competition. The tool actually sits inside of a plastic jacket that contains a threaded tripod mount. Once the tool is lifted a bit and “unlocked”, the level is able to self-level and you can get effective results in any of the three modes. The modes are a combination crosshair/plumb bob mode which fires a horizontal and vertical beam as well as top and bottom lasers for use as a plumb bob. The second mode fires only the horizontal beam and the top dot. The third mode shoots a vertical beam with the bottom dot. For setting up cabinets and interior work this is going to be a no-brainer and a real go-to tool.

Ryobi RP4900 Tek4 Portable USB Power Source Review

Ryobi RP4900 USB Power Source Review

The RP4900 Portable USB Power Source is a great product for taking along to give your portables a little extra juice. I personally have used one of these (from a competitor) for several months now and it’s an excellent way to recharge or extend the life of your portables when you’re on a particularly long trip or will be away without power for an extended period of time. The Tek4 4V system works well and will charge just about anything that can run from a USB power source.

Ryobi RP4310 Tek4 Digital Key Lock Box Review

Ryobi Digital Lock Box RP4310 Review

The RP4310 Digital Key Lock Box is a great product and offers a lot for the money. Whereas many real estate lock boxes are “analogue” and involve simple 4-6 number pushbutton combination controls, the Ryobi Tek 4 model steps up the technology to include a digital LCD screen, time & date stamp and multiple code memory. This is a beautiful product that should make massive inroads with real estate agents and brokers everywhere. This is especially so based on the fact that the system can track the last 10 code uses. Now there’s no need to guess which agents accessed the house since you can assign up to 10 different numbers and the Digital Key Lock Box will track them all.

Ryobi Touchstart Trimmer starter

Ryobi Touchstart Straight Shaft Trimmer Review

Several companies have designed and patented different technologies to make starting trimmers easier. While for many this involves a sophisticated pull system, Ryobi has opted to use a 12V battery and an electric starter system to automate this process. This adds a little weight to the overall product, but with a 30cc engine and a push-button start, this may be the perfect product for teenagers and older consumers looking to get away from the often back-breaking starting process experienced with many trimmers.

Ryobi 4 cycle trimmer

Ryobi 4 Cycle Trimmer RY34440 Review

Ryobi’s RY34440 4-cycle string trimmer promises, among other things, quieter operation and greater fuel efficiency. It’s a “green” product (in more ways than one) that delivers less fuss when fueling since you don’t need to pre-mix your oil and gas. It also works with Ryobi’s Expand-it line of attachments – which are even backwards compatible with products I bought over 10 years ago. The 4-cycle trimmer comes with just the string trimmer attachment, but does include both a bump head and a pro-style head that facilitates easy string replacement and will handle larger diameter string (and more efficiently to boot).

Ryobi Circular Saws Sold at Home Depot Recalled Due to Laceration Hazard

Home Depot Ryobi Circular Saws Recall for Laceration Hazard

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed. January 13, 2009 Release #09-088 Name of Product: Ryobi Corded Circular Saws Units: About 12,400 Manufacturer: One World Technologies Inc., of Anderson, […]

RYOBI WS730 7-inch Tile Saw

RYOBI WS730 7-inch Tile Saw

Perfect for tiling projects in and around the house, the Ryobi WS730 tile saw includes a 7-inch diamond cutting wheel, wheel wrench, hex key, rip guide, bevel block, end of cut reminder, splash guard and operator’s manual. Ryobi has a motto: “Pro Features, Affordable Prices”. Since this is the first overhead motor tile saw to be offered at under $200 they’ve certainly seem to be delivering.

Ryobi RJ162VK Reciprocating Saw

Ryobi RJ162VK Reciprocating Saw Review

The Ryobi RJ162VK is a sensible 6.5 amp reciprocating saw that is perfect for the handyman or do-it-yourselfer who doesn’t require oodles of power and who isn’t planning on doing tons of demo work. Its very reasonable street price makes it one of the more handy “gotta-have-it” tools we recommend for anyone who plans on doing any type of projects around the home.

Ryobi HPL51K planer review

Ryobi HPL51K Review 3-1/4″ Electric Hand Planer

The Ryobi HPL51K electric hand planer is a budget tool that includes some very nice features such as a left/right dust ejection dial, adjustable depth knob and blade-protecting kick stand. This tool really enables easy planning of uneven surfaces – up to 3/32″ in a single cut – and even performs edge and rabbet cuts with the included edge guide.