Masterforce Boost Cordless Reciprocating Saw Review 2410352

Masterforce Boost Reciprocating Saw Feature

Masterforce Boost Cordless Reciprocating Saw Upgrades Brushless to New Level

Cordless reciprocating saws are great and upgrading to a brushless motor is even better. Masterforce takes it a step further with their Boost cordless reciprocating saw.


  • Excellent cutting speed
  • Well-rounded feature set
  • Good value at $139.99


  • No major drawbacks

Masterforce Boost Cordless Reciprocating Saw Performance

Why Boost?

Masterforce’s Boost technology is like brushless tech on steroids. It takes the advantages of a brushless motor and enhances it with an upgraded electronics package and Boost battery system that allow it to reach higher performance levels. You can still use the saw with any Masterforce 20V battery, but it’s the combination of the Boost reciprocating saw and Boost battery that gets you to its highest potential.

Cutting Power

On paper, the Masterforce cordless brushless reciprocating saw matches high-performance Pro models with 3100 strokes per minute and a 1 1/8-inch stroke length. It also has an orbital action switch, so you get the advantage of more aggressive cutting in wood.

Making a few test cuts in clean wood, the motor is able to maintain its high SPM rate better than before. It cuts very quickly for a saw in the value category. Even adding 16D framing nails to the mix, it’s able to chew through them as well as just about anything else in the same weight class.

Masterforce Boost Reciprocating Saw Nails

There are a few “super saws” that cut faster on the premium end of the price scale, but we really like the performance we’re seeing at this price point.

Cutting through PVC should be easy for any reciprocating saw and it is for Masterforce. EMT is in the same boat.

Thick metal, like rebar, is on the menu. With a feathered start, the saw is able to pick up a rhythm and work through rebar very well. As always, the trick is to have enough support that you can push the shoe against your material to minimize any vibration.


It’s in the vibration department that we see the biggest departure from premium saws. I notice more chatter in this than saws with advanced counterbalance systems. At the same time, we can also name a few saws from major manufacturers that have more chatter than Masterforce.

The performance is there and the vibration is manageable with enough support on the shoe. All that’s left is to pair it with a quality blade, such as Lenox carbide blades, and we really don’t see any major gaps in what you can expect to cut when compared to Pro-level saws.

Masterforce Boost Cordless Reciprocating Saw Design Notes

Masterforce does a nice job hitting the major features you expect on a Pro model. What’s missing are a few luxury items like one-hand blade insertion, blade ejection, and vibration control like you find on the Skilsaw Buzzkill. But overall, it checks off the right boxes.

Look And Feel

As we mentioned before, the vibration level is very manageable. The front and rear grips have a rubber over-mold which really helps you keep control of the saw, especially if your hands get sweaty. Overall, the Masterforce Boost cordless reciprocating saw has as good a balance and feel as its competition.

Additional Features

  • Folding rafter hook
  • LED worklight
  • Pivoting and adjustable shoe
  • Twist lock blade clamp

Masterforce Boost Cordless Reciprocating Saw Price

The pricing is right in line with other trade-ready Prosumer models and a bit less than the entry-level Pro models that come as a bare tool only. For $139.99, you can snag your own Masterforce Boost reciprocating saw, but at the moment, it’s not available as a kit. With that said, don’t forget to pick up a battery and charger and keep in mind it’s the Boost battery that gets you the best performance.

The Bottom Line

The Masterforce Boost cordless reciprocating saw is a really nice tool for the price. Its cutting performance is excellent and certainly outshines less expensive brands. You also get most of the Pro features our crew looks for even though there are a few upgrades you can get if you want to spend more money. Pair it with a quality blade and it can handle just about any demo task your day throws at you.

If you want to learn more about the Masterforce Boost lineup, click here

Masterforce Boost Cordless Reciprocating Saw Specifications

  • Model: Masterforce 2410352
  • Power Source: Masterforce 20V battery (Boost battery recommended)
  • Stroke Length: 1 1/8-inch
  • Stroke Rate: 3100 SPM
  • Motor Type: Brushless
  • Weight: 5.94 lbs bare, 6.94 lbs with 2.5 Ah battery
  • Price: $139.99
  • Warranty: 3 years

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