Metabo HPT 18V 1/2-inch Cordless Hammer Drill Review DV18DCQ4

Metabo HPT 18V Cordless Hammer Drill

The Metabo HPT Cordless Hammer Drill Shows Off Confident Drilling Power

Over the years, I’ve had my hands on a LOT of the Best Cordless Drills on the market, ranking them based on our performance metrics. The Metabo HPT 18V Hammer Drill checks off some pretty important boxes in the area of performance, so I’m excited to put it to the test to see what it has to offer!


  • All metal 1/2-inch chuck
  • Compatible with Metabo HPT 18V and Multi Volt batteries
  • Anti-kickback technology
  • Comfortable ergonomics
  • Excellent drilling capacity


  • No significant drawbacks

Metabo HPT 18V Cordless Hammer Drill Performance

Metabo HPT 18V hammer drill
  • No-Load Speed: 0-500/2,000 RPM
  • Max Torque: 1,240 in-lbs
  • Impact Rate: 7,500 (low), 30,000 (high)

Drilling Power

At its heart, this hammer drill sports a brushless motor that churns out up to 500 RPMs on low and 2,000 RPMs in high gear. It’s also geared for high torque, maxing out at a whopping 1,240 in-lbs. That’s well within the range of some of the top performing models out there.

When you’re working in hammer drill mode, you get up to 7,500 BPM on low and 30,000 BPM in high gear. Like the speed, that’s right where we expect a Pro-grade model to be, though you can find some that go a bit higher.

Drilling modes

As far as drilling capacity, Metabo HPT covers a pretty wide range. This drill is equipped to drill in wood, metal, and masonry, making it versatile no matter where the job takes you.

Brick3/4 in.
Wood4 in.
Metal5/8 in.

As compact tools go, this hammer drill is definitely no slouch. During our hands-on testing, large spade bits and even a 2-inch hole saw were no problem and it showed the same confidence with our 3/8-inch concrete bits as well. Large 3 1/2-inch deck screws and other similar fasteners put up little resistance.

With this kind of power, the majority of your residential and commercial projects are well within reach. We even stepped up to a 2 9/16-inch self-feed bit, typically used for rough-ins in 2x material. During our testing, this drill powered through our 2×4 pine stud with ease. Admittedly, we did have to drop down into low gear in order to complete the test, but the brushless motor performed beautifully.

With that said, if these kinds of heavy-duty applications are on your regular menu, we suggest stepping up to Metabo HPT’s 36V Hammer Drill which offers a bit more top-end capability.

Reactive Force Control

Metabo HPT RFC

With more than 1200 in-lbs of torque, Reactive Force Control (RFC) is onboard to help reduce the risk of injuries in case you bind up your bit. There are different methods to pull this off, and Metabo HPT uses overload and gyro sensors to know when to shut the tool down.

Even with it, be sure to keep a solid grip and use the auxiliary handle when you’re drilling tougher holes.

Metabo HPT 18V Cordless Hammer Drill Design Notes

Metabo HPT hammer drill profile
  • Model: Metabo HPT DV18DCQ4
  • Power Source: Metabo HPT 18V battery, MultiVolt 18V/36V battery
  • Weight: 3.9 lbs (bare tool), 5.4 lbs (with 2.5Ah Multi Volt battery)
  • Head Length: 7.6 in.
  • Chuck Capacity: 1/2 in.
  • Clutch Settings: 22 +2

Size and Weight

The Metabo HPT DV18DCQ4 hammer drill weighs in at a respectable 3.9 pounds as a bare tool and 5.4 pounds with a 2.5Ah MultiVolt battery. It measures 7.6 inches from tip to tail and stands 10.5 inches tall, including the battery. These dimensions make it a great option for drilling between studs, or working in tight spaces.

Battery compatibility

Personally, I love the feel of this drill. The grip contours nicely to my medium-sized hands, and the rubber overmold helps you maintain a secure hold on the drill while working. Additionally, both 18V batteries and the Multi Volt batteries provide an excellent ballast for the drill, making it incredibly well-balanced.

Additional Features

  • LED worklight
  • Reversible belt hook
  • Removable side handle

Metabo HPT 18V Cordless Hammer Drill Price

This hammer drill retails for $179 as a bare tool and comes with a lifetime warranty on the tool body. At the moment, this drill is not available as a kit, so be sure to pick up a battery and charger if you’re not already on this battery platform.

The Bottom Line

Without a doubt, the Metabo HPT 18V Cordless Hammer Drill is a solid, well-built tool. It has the performance to give Pros plenty of versatility at a price that’s well within the range of DIYers. While it might not be the most compact or the fastest in the class, it’s certainly one of the most capable.

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