Metabo HPT 36V MultiVolt Miter Saw

Metabo HPT multivolt miter saw

Miter saws have traditionally been of the corded variety (certainly in my experience). However, Metabo HPT is among those brands pushing things in the opposite direction. Currently, the manufacturer has quite a few cordless tools. We’re talking about models that provide both convenience and functional flexibility. Take, for instance, Metabo HPT’s 36V 12-inch MultiVolt Miter Saw (C3612DRAQ4).

There’s a fair amount to talk about with this saw, so, without further ado, I’ll dive into some of the details. Also, be sure to check out our best miter saw article to get our top picks.

Metabo HPT MultiVolt Miter Saw Performance Features

Starting off with the power plant, this dual-bevel unit has a choice of two power options. The C3612DRAQ4 operates on either a 36V pack or an AC adapter (sold separately).

The saw has a no-load speed of about 4,000 RPM but includes Metabo HPT’s proprietary Torque Boost Technology. This lets the miter saw automatically optimize both speed and torque for the cut. It’s particularly helpful when working with thick and/or dense materials.

metabo C3612DRAQ4


  • Model: C3612DRAQ4
  • Power options: 36V MultiVolt battery or AC adapter
  • Blade: 12-inch
  • Blade speed: 4,000 RPM (no load) with Torque Boost
  • 2×4 crosscuts per charge: 230 on single charge (36V)
  • Weight: 54.2 lbs

When making cuts, the C3614DRAQ4 saw has a 45° bevel range and miters up to 45° to the left and 57° to the right.

For precise cuts, the system uses my favorite method—a shadow line which Metabo HPT dubs “Xact Cut.” More accurate than lasers, it better assists the operator when making cuts in full-light situations. Xact Cut highlights the cut line by casting a shadow from the blade. Thin or thick kerf doesn’t matter—you always know where the blade will land on the material.

Metabo HPT MultiVolt Miter Saw Design

metabo htp 36v multivolt miter saw

In typical Metabo HPT fashion, they made this saw compact. Specifically, the C3612DRAQ4 has a zero rear clearance rail system that doesn’t extend beyond the back of the saw. This lets you work in smaller spaces or even place the saw up against the wall in your shop. Storage should also be easier on a work van or enclosed trailer.

Lastly, this saw features tall fences so that you can cut an array of baseboards and moulding vertically.

Metabo HPT C3612DRAQ4 Price

The Metabo HPT 12-inch MultiVolt Miter Saw retails as a bare tool for $629.

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