October 22, 2021

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Metabo HPT MultiVolt Compound Miter Saw C3610DRA

C3610DRA miter saw trim base

The Metabo HPT MultiVolt Compound Miter Saw C3610DRA is a remarkably capable carpentry tool. It can operate as a cordless 36V saw or work off an AC adapter. I’ve had it in my shop and in my trailer, using it to trim out a ton of projects. Most recently, I used it to finish up both wood flooring and trim on a beautiful kitchen remodel.


  • Very powerful and convenient with dual power options
  • Accurate cuts every time
  • Choice of laser, shadow, or laser and shadow cut lines
  • Square fence and extension “wings” on the table give you extra stability
  • Deep crosscut capacity for a compact saw
  • Smooth slide, miter, and bevel action


  • It’s difficult to adjust the laser to the cut line and keep it true


This Metabo HPT Miter Saw is impressive all the way around. Its dual power option of a 36-volt battery or an AC adapter is a sufficient selling point. But it also boasts premium features that help keep your work accurate. The extra stability the tables “wings” offer is noticeable. The fence is square, the crosscut depth is excellent, and all the slide/bevel/miter action works smoothly. I had a little trouble getting the laser to adjust to the cut line and stay true to it. Otherwise, I have nothing but praise for the saw. Keep in mind that it’s a compact saw with a 10-inch blade. If you plan to cut a lot of 5-1/4-inch base, you’ll likely want a full-sized saw with more vertical fence clearance. For all your smaller molding, the Metabo C3610DRA is excellent.

Does This Saw Have Enough Power?

I’ve used many miter saws over the years, but the C3610DRA was my first experience with the Metabo HPT MultiVolt platform. I can safely say that I’m hooked. I’ve used the saw extensively both in my shop and in my trailer. At the shop, I relied on the AC adapter. In the trailer or on-site, the 36V MultiVolt battery took center stage. It has all sorts of power and the battery life is excellent.

Metabo HPT MultiVolt Compound Miter Saw C3610DRA

That power source flexibility is compelling enough to consider this miter saw, but Metabo HPT sweetens the deal with some fine details. Left and right table extension wings are my favorite among those details. The extra stability they add during the cut is noticeable. Most 10-inch miter saws have much narrower tables. Aiding the wings are two sub-fences that likewise stabilize taller molding.

Metabo HPT 10-inch miter saw cutting

The Metabo HPT MultiVolt Compound Miter Saw’s bevel and miter locks, positive stop lock, and miter detent override are all conveniently (and safely) located on the front of the saw.

Metabo HPT C3610DRA miter controls

Making the Cut

With buttons near the miter saw’s trigger handle, you can activate the onboard LED light or turn on the laser cut line. Unsurprisingly, the red laser is difficult to see in bright light, which is simply the nature of using lasers outdoors. However, I also had a difficult hard time getting it dialed in to be right on the cut line. Either the fence got in the way or the lasers would drift over time. This is one of my few complaints about this otherwise great saw.

C3610DRA miter saw laser adjustment

The rear zero-clearance slide rails, which allow the tool to work in small spaces, give me a smooth cutting action. It remained smooth even after the rail started to oxidize a bit, as you might see in the photos. At 90°, the Metabo HPT MultiVolt Compound Miter Saw makes a generous 12-1/2-inch crosscut.

Metabo HPT miter saw cutting trim

Woodworking enthusiasts will love the depth control knob that allows for dados and rabbets. Accomplishing these joints without swapping out a table saw blade for a dado stack will certainly save you some time. If you usually make these cuts with a single flat top grind blade on your table saw, you might find using the Metabo HPT miter saw’s depth control knob method easier to see as you go.

Editor’s Note: See our article on How to calibrate a miter saw.

How Deep Does the Metabo HPT MultiVolt 10-inch Miter Saw Cut?

You obviously can’t ding a tool because it functions as designed. As a compact, 10-inch saw, the Metabo HPT C3610DRA miter saw is outstanding. Seasoned Pros will know that such a saw will do great on 3-1/2 inch standard base and smaller. But if you plan to cut a lot of 5-1/4-inch base standing up or without a lot of finagling, you might get frustrated with the Metabo HPT’s capacity. You can get the job done, it’s just not ideal for big molding. That’s not the saw’s fault.

Otherwise, the size and weight make carrying it and transporting it to the job site very simple. Here are the various capacities of the Metabo HPT 10-inch miter saw:

  • Vertical Cut Depth Capacity:
    • 90 Degrees (3.5 in.): 11.5-in.
    • 90 Degrees (2.5 in.): 12.5-in.
    • 45 Degrees: (L/R @ 3.5-in): 8-in.
    • 45 Degrees: (L/R @ 2.5-in): 8.75-in.
  • Cuts at 45 Degrees:
    • Bevel: (Left @ 1.75/1.625-in.): 11.5/12.5 in.
    • Bevel: (Right @ 1/.75in.): 11.5/12.5 in.
    • Miter/Bevel (Left @ 1.75/1.65 in): 8/8.75 in.
    • Miter/Bevel (Right @ 1/.75 in.): 8/8.75 in.

How Much Does the Metabo C3610DRA Cost?

We have to keep in mind that few miter saws have the Metabo HPT MultiVolt compound miter saw’s dual power capability. Here’s a look at the Metabo HPT compared to other 10-inch, cordless-only options. Prices include the tool-only versions.

  • Ryobi (18V) P3650B: $399
  • Milwaukee M18 Fuel (18V) 2734-20: $499
  • Metabo HPT MultiVolt (36V) C3610DRAQ4: $519
  • Makita 18VX2 (36V) XSL06Z (Bare Tool): $531.60

The Bottom Line

The dual power capability of this Metabo HPT Miter Saw is enough to make it a serious contender for your next 10-inch miter saw. But Metabo HPT sweetens the deal with premium features that keep your work accurate and stable. I had a little trouble dialing in the laser cut line, but I prefer the shadow cut line anyway and that worked flawlessly. Whether plugged in at the shop or running on its 36V pack in my trailer or on the job, I had confidence in its accuracy and power for every miter, bevel, and crosscut I made. Keep in mind it’s a 10-inch saw which makes it best suited for 3-1/2 base and smaller, though it can get the job done on bigger molding, too. I rely on it heavily to trim out all of my jobs.

Metabo HPT MultiVolt Compound Miter Saw C3610DRA Specifications

  • Model Numbers
    • C3610DRAQ4: Bare Tool
    • C3610DRA: Kit
  • Voltage: 36V
  • Battery:
    • Not included
    • 36V Lithium Ion Slide-Type
    • Amp Hour: 4.0Ah
  • 36V MultiVolt AC Adapter Compatible (Included)
  • Blade Diameter: 10 inches
  • Arbor: 5/8 inches
  • No-Load Speed: Low 4,000 RPM
  • Rail Slide Type: Fixed
  • Miter Angle:
    • Left: 48°
    • Right: 48°
  • Bevel Angle:
    • Left: 55°
    • Right: 60º
  • Miter Detents: 0, 15, 22.5, 31.6 and 45 Degrees
  • Laser Marker
  • LED Light
  • Front Bevel Lock Lever
  • Weight: 45.5 lbs
  • Warranty: Tool Body 5-Year
  • Prices
    • C3610DRAQ4 (Bare Tool): $519
    • C3610DRA (Kit w/AC Adaptor): $669
    • C3610DRAQAM (Kit w/4Ah Battery): $669

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Paul Dalton

It would be nice to see some specific comparative information of this Metabo 10″ slider as against the DeWalt DHS790 12″ slider. You did note the limitation of the 10″ blade vs. a 12″ blade, but there are more areas that really ought to be mentioned, as well:

E.g., power/battery life of Metabo’s choice of 36V vs. DeWalt’s 120V; the practical impact/importance of the Metabo weighing ~10 lb. less than the DeWalt; any perceived accuracy differences between these saws; the ease of making adjustments on one vs.the other; comparing the slide function and capabilities of one to the other, etc.


Great review. if this thing doesn’t have any accuracy issues, it looks like Metabo hit a homerun for us trim and cabinetry guys.

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