45 Degree Milwaukee Offset Snips

It’s not very often that we get to talk to Milwaukee Tools about something that doesn’t start with “M12” or “M18”, which is a huge testament to the popularity and quality of their M18 FUEL cordless lineup. While the Milwaukee hand tool line isn’t talked about as much, Milwaukee’s commitment to quality and innovation is very much present in the design of the new 45 Degree Milwaukee offset snips. Why 45 degrees offset? I’m sure I’m not the only one that went to cut that first piece of sheet metal, was offered a pair of gloves by someone much wiser, and in youthful pride declined. Of course, most of us were rewarded with a couple of cuts at best while the least fortunate got stitches. That wonderful 45 degree offset keeps our cutting hand away from the material and hopefully out of the doctor’s office.

45 Degree Milwaukee Offset Snips Features

The offset isn’t the only feature that Milwaukee included in the design of these snips. The spring and lock mechanism that allows for one-handed use is patent pending. The rubber grip handle has thumb and forefinger slots that allow users to push into the material as they cut, increasing efficiency. Even the bolts are sub-flush so they won’t hang up on the material while cutting.

Milwaukee offset snips

The Milwaukee offset snips are made from forged metal, which is ten times stronger than comparable cast heads, and also include a chrome plating. Like all Milwaukee snips, the 45 Degree Offset is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Model Options

Milwaukee Tool provides their offset snips in four options:

  • Straight Cutting (48-22-4032)
  • Left Cutting (48-22-4012)
  • Right Cutting (48-22-4022)
  • Tradesman Set (48-22-4023)

The Tradesmen set includes one Right Cutting and one Left Cutting 45 Degree Offset Snip. All of three models and the 2-piece set are offered as 10-inch tools. Plan on paying around $18  for the individual tools and $37 for the set.

45 Degree Offset Snip Specs

  • Size Class: 10 in.
  • Available Milwaukee offset snips: Straight Cut (48-22-4032), Right Cut (48-22-4022), Left Cut (48-22-4012)
  • Metal Forming Process: Forged
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Pricing: $18 ($37 for the 2-piece Tradesman set)

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