September 23, 2021

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Milwaukee Fastback Hawkbill and Spring Assisted Knives

Milwaukee is expanding  its line of Fastback Knives with three new offerings. Like their predecessors, the Milwaukee Hawkbill knife, Smooth Pocket Knife, and Spring Assisted Knife will feature one handed blade opening. According to Milwaukee, the single hand operation activates the blade three times faster than two handed operations. Even faster activation is expected with the durable spring aiding the Spring Assisted Knife.

Milwaukee Fastback Hawkbill Knives

Milwaukee Hawkbill knife

Designed for pull cuts and slicing around edges, the Milwaukee Hawkbill knife blade is made from stainless steel with a sharp cutting edge that can be resharpened by the user when necessary. The Smooth Pocket Knife features a sharp, pointed tip with controlled piercing and smooth general-purpose cutting in mind. It also has a sharp-edged stainless steel blade that can be resharpened.

Milwaukee Fastback Spring-Assisted Knives

Milwaukee Fastback Spring-Assisted knives

The last in the new Fastback product offerings is the Spring Assisted Knife. The blade has a black oxide coating over the stainless steel to improve durability and sharpness and has a serrated edge for tearing through the material.

All three knives have a thin body design and wire form clip. Thanks to requests from owners, Milwaukee has made the belt clip reversible so it can be worn at the user’s preference.

Final Thoughts

These new Milwaukee Fastback knives deserve some not-so-subtle hints to my friends and family about stocking stuffer ideas.

The Fastback Milwaukee Hawkbill knife and the smooth pocket knife will be backed by Milwaukee’s limited lifetime warranty. For more information, visit Milwaukee’s website or visit any of the Milwaukee retailers nationwide.

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