Channellock Made in USA

Made in America Matters to Channellock

Channellock is all about quality and a made in America mission. With major manufacturing facility improvements, they are trying to show off their core philosophies in their new on line video catalog. The fact that we see Channellock Made in USA tells us that the company places a high priority on those American jobs and its dedication to precision tooling.

With a commitment to manufacturing quality hand tools in northwestern Pennsylvania for more than a century has helped to built Channellock’s reputation as a leader in the hand tool industry. In a business that has seen its share of companies explore alternative manufacturing options that result in a loss of quality control, the company stands committed to its history of American-made tools like the Channellock E-Series XLT Pliers through several new initiatives.

“To be able to say that our world-famous pliers are still made in Meadville is a source of pride to everyone at Channellock,” says President and CEO Bill DeArment. “Our company was founded in 1886 in northwest Pennsylvania on the principle of making the highest-quality tools, and nothing has changed.”

Channellock Made in USA

Channellock, Inc., has continually focused on equipment upgrades, reducing waste and boosting production-line efficiency without compromising quality.

“We’ve injected more agility into our system to be more responsive to real-time customer demands,” states Terry Farrell, director of engineering and manufacturing services.

New marketing efforts also celebrate Channellock’s commitment to American-based manufacturing and quality. A catalog of videos, available for viewing at, is the highlight of the new marketing efforts. Five benchmark Channellock product lines – tongue and groove, cutting, long nose and lineman’s pliers and adjustable wrenches – are featured in videos that demonstrate the functionality and quality of each.

The company also launched a new print ad campaign, dubbed “Fiercely Made in Meadville, PA,” that features associates from the Meadville plants.

“We wanted to show the people who take pride in making the quality hand tools our customers have come to expect,” said Ryan DeArment, vice president of sales & marketing. “We chose actual Channellock associates – not actors – to pose for the ads because our associates are serious about producing top-of-the-line tools that are made in the United States.”

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