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types of pliers how use them

Types of Pliers and Their Uses – Training the Apprentice

If ever there seemed to be a catch-all phrase in the world of hand tools, “pliers” might fit that bill. When you need to grip, position, twist, cut, tighten or loosen various things, pliers can cover a pretty broad range of applications. Their general design consists of two handles, a pivot, and a head. Consequently, […]

Crescent Z2 Pliers Feature 2

Crescent Z2 Pliers | Better Features, Excellent Value

When we got our hands on the latest Crescent Z2 pliers, we wanted to know what set them apart from the other high-quality options on the market. In short, it’s all about the features, and it’s not all bells and whistles. In designing the Z2 series, Crescent started where it matters most—with the people that […]

Knipex TwinGrip Slip Joint Pliers

Knipex TwinGrip Pliers Provide a Unique Grip on Stripped Screws and Bolts The Knipex TwinGrip Pliers claim status as the industry’s first 5 adjustment push-button slip joint pliers. The unique-looking design lets you get into confined spaces. It also promises superior gripping strength from virtually any angle. Knipex TwinGrip Pliers: The Big Deal Due to […]

Gearwrench PitBull Pliers | Man’s Best Friend on the Job

GearWrench Unleashes Pitbull Pliers on the Trades Auto mechanics and tradesmen prize the best pliers that can grip, turn, and cut well. However, it isn’t often that we get all three at once. The Gearwrench PitBull Pliers look like a pretty compelling option. Not only do they seem to grip, turn, and cut well, but […]

Knipex Pipe and Connector Pliers

Knipex Pipe and Connector Pliers 81 11 250

Knipex Pipe and Connector Pliers Feature Plastic Inserts For Gentler Loosening Knipex Tools has introduced some pretty fancy-looking inserts for the Pipe and Connector Pliers series. However, it’s not all about the eye-catching looks. These inserts feature a soft blue outer layer and a firm red inner layer that apply a firm yet gentle pressure […]

Wurth Zebra 4-Piece Pliers and Cutters Set

Wurth Zebra 4-Piece Pliers and Cutters Set

We’ve been impressed so far with the Wurth ZEBRA tools. We’ve reviewed the Wurth Zebra side cutters and Zebra T-handle Torx drivers. Both seem to place a real emphasis on quality and ergonomics. Those two characteristics mark a great tool. Now, we got a chance to look at the Wurth Zebra 4-piece Pliers and Cutters […]

Klein Tools 9-Inch Angled Head Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Best Pliers and Plier Sets in 2021

Buying the best pliers might sound simple. If you’re an electrician, you probably already have your favorites. However, if you just started out in the trades, or you need a solution for more than just the sparky applications, we can help. We cover individual pliers as well as the best plier sets to get you […]

Irwin GrooveLock Pliers - toothed flat style

Irwin GrooveLock Pliers Review

Irwin GrooveLock Pliers are designed with twice the adjustment positions as traditional grove joint pliers and feature multipurpose jaws that can grip round, hex, square and flat surfaces with ease. These pliers come in many sizes that range from 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 16” and 20″ and are also available as both toothed flat jaw and smooth flat jaw.

Southwire 7-in-1 Multi Tool Plier

Southwire 7-in-1 Multi Tool Pliers S7N1HD

Southwire 7-in-1 Multi Tool Pliers Brings Robust Multi-Function Design to Electricians The new Southwire 7-in-1 Multi Tool Pliers pulls together seven common electrician functions to help save you time and space. The Southwire S7N1HD is another one of their heavy-duty forged designs in the same vein as their forged Romex and forged wire strippers. This […]

Gearwrench Master Set Includes 613 Pieces

Gearwrench Master Set Includes 613 Pieces

Gearwrench Master Set Sets Up Mechanics for a Career When you’re looking for the ultimate in mechanic’s hand tools, check out the Gearwrench Master Set. It has 613 tools to cover a wide range of tasks that mechanics come across. And unlike some tool sets out there, it’s not 30% hex wrenches and driver bits. […]