October 26, 2021

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Wurth Zebra 4-Piece Pliers and Cutters Set

Wurth Zebra 4-Piece Pliers and Cutters Set

We’ve been impressed so far with the Wurth ZEBRA tools. We’ve reviewed the Wurth Zebra side cutters and Zebra T-handle Torx drivers. Both seem to place a real emphasis on quality and ergonomics. Those two characteristics mark a great tool. Now, we got a chance to look at the Wurth Zebra 4-piece Pliers and Cutters set. That includes combination pliers, water pump pliers, needle nose pliers, and power side cutters.

Wurth Zebra 4-Piece Pliers and Cutters Set Shared Features

We used the tools contained in the Wurth Zebra 4-Piece Pliers and Cutters Set on a variety of jobs. No matter which tool we reached for, however, we appreciated the 2K comfort grip handles. These handles match similar tools we’ve held, but I love two things in particular. First, the handles have more cushion than what you find in either dipped or harder plastic handles. Second, the largely black grip resists dirt better than lighter-colored handles. I don’t need pristine tools, but I’ve never understood white-accented handles…

hand tool overmold handles

With the grip on these tools, they won’t easily slip out of your hands. With a pair of dipped handles, they tend to have that “shiny” coating. It may clean easily, but it also tends to play “slip ‘n slide” when you get some oil or grease on them. These tools stay put, wipe off easily, and give you a nice hold for better leverage in most any position.

In terms of the steel used, these look like a high-quality steel. I base this on the state of the teeth after having used several of these tools on stubborn bolts and pipes. After giving them ample time to engage the teeth of the pliers with various metals, these German-made tools seem like the real deal.

forged tool steel jaws

Wurth Zebra Combination Pliers

The Wurth Zebra combination pliers have a bit more leverage than traditional combination pliers. Wurth moved the pivot forward slightly, giving them the ability to quickly and easily cut copper wire and Romex. This tool also serves as a go-to whenever a screw gets completely stripped and you need to shear it off by bending. You won’t use them to twist out a truly deep-seated rounded fastener, but they do have a decent bite for bolts and nuts.

Wurth Zebra Combination Pliers

Wurth Zebra Water Pump Pliers

The Wurth Zebra water pump pliers give you a nice button-adjust slide for setting the jaws. I actually prefer this to simple slip-joint pliers which limit your adjustability. The button is larger enough for my hands, and the mechanism looks like it should hold up well over time.

Wurth Zebra Water Pump Pliers

These pliers work really well for gripping around pipes. The teeth are designed to bite hard and not let go. We put up some EMT in one of our Wilton Tradesman vises and tested the gripping power of the Wurth Zebra water pump pliers. Applying significant pressure to the pliers, we found they could spin the pipe in our rig—not a small feat! I could see these working really well when removing faucets or threaded bends from galvanized pipes. Of the entire Wurth Zebra 4-Piece Pliers set, these were my favorite.

Wurth Zebra Needle Nose Pliers

Looking at the Wurth Zebra Needle Nose Pliers, you’d be right if you didn’t find anything surprising. We did like the rounded tips that look both strong, and well-suited for bending wire or thin metal. These tools work really well for manipulating thin straps or getting into hard-to-reach areas.

Wurth Zebra Needle Nose Pliers

You do get some decent leverage from the handles. We also found the integrated cutters helpful, though not a unique feature on a tool like this.

Wurth Zebra Power Side Cutters

These Wurth Zebra power side cutters offer high-leverage cutting. Wurth clearly choked up the pivot point on these cutters to move the fulcrum closer to the blades. The result is a higher cutting strength with less effort. It’s a subtle design move, but one that really works well.

Wurth Zebra Power Side Cutters

These side cutters make quick work of Romex (with two hands) or even the 6-gauge wire we used for installing a small tankless water heater for the shop bathroom. Of course, they easily cut through 10-12 gauge wire one-handed and even strip wire easily in a pinch.

Final Thoughts

The Wurth Zebra 4-Piece Pliers kit can be a great set of tools for any tradesman or automotive professional. It holds its own against other brands from Sonic Tools, Klein, Southwire, and others. We also like that the set includes a really nice foam drawer insert for your favorite tool box. Between the excellent handles and the well-designed leverage points and strong teeth, I’m not seeing much to criticize with these tools. Pricing does tend to vary quite a bit, however. As of the time of this writing, the set runs for over $200.

Wurth USA runs promotions, so be sure to check to see if this product is on special!

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