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leatherman super tool 300 multitool

Leatherman Super Tool 300 Multitool Review

We get a lot of tools in for review – some more complicated than the others. While we love playing with the big saws and drills and get a real thrill over putting cordless and corded power tools to the test, what is most important are tools that everyone needs. Tools that everyone should own. […]

Channellock 412 pliers

Channellock 412 V-Jaw Pliers Preview

The new Channellock 6.5″ 412 V-Jaw tongue and groove pliers offer professionals and DIYers the same quality design and right-angle, maximum-bite grip as the larger V-Jaw pliers – only in a more compact frame making it easier to work with smaller piping and tubing.

Kobalt 11-Piece Pliers & Wrench Tool Set Review

Kobalt 11 Piece Wrench Set Review

I love comfortable hand tools. Whether its a nicely designed hammer, or a great handle on a screwdriver, a well-designed tool that fits your hand perfectly is all the more easier to use. The 11-piece Pliers & Wrench Tool Set from Kobalt Tools is beautiful to look at and easy to handle. Though these tools are made in China, they seem to have a decent heft and quality about them that lets you know they will be around for years to come.

Made in America Matters to Channellock

Channellock Made in USA

Channellock is all about quality and a made in America mission. With major manufacturing facility improvements, they are trying to show off their core philosophies in their new on line video catalog. The fact that we see Channellock Made in USA tells us that the company places a high priority on those American jobs and its […]

Leatherman Kick multi tool pliers

Leatherman Kick Multi Tool Review

The Leatherman Kick was designed for folks who prefer a little less weight, yet need a full size multi-tool that features longer, sharper, and stronger implements in a lighter and more compact tool. Full-size pliers are built in that have a jaw design that can handle twice the squeeze-load as the previous version with no extra weight

He Did WHAT With a Vice Grip?

He Did WHAT With a Vice Grip?

Irwin Industrial Tools revealed this week that Dr. Bryan Fox of Chesapeake, Va., was selected as the winner of the “Tell Us Your Irwin Vise-Grip Story” promotion. It turns out that Dr. Fox, an orthopedic surgeon for the United States Navy, was honored for using an Irwin Vise-Grip to perform a rather unusual procedure: spinal surgery during Operation Iraqi […]

Leatherman Wave Multitool 3

Leatherman Wave Multitool Review

If you haven’t heard of Leatherman you are definitely new to tools or have never aspired to be a Boy Scout. The popular multitool company has made one of the most well-recognized one-tool-does-all inventions in the industry and has only expanded upon its initial offerings. The new Wave tool from Leatherman offers an almost unbelievable assortment of goodies to the handyman – pliers, saw, screwdrivers, scissors, knife, cutters, file… You name it, the Wave has it!

Workforce 74pc Screwdriver and Pliers Set

Workforce 74pc Screwdriver and Pliers Set

Workforce, like Husky, Pegasus and Hampton Bay, is a Home Depot house brand that manufactures everything from shelves to screwdrivers. Their 74 piece screwdriver and pliers set is a good purchase for hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers, but not such a great bargain for the serious tool user as quality tends to suffer over the long haul and with extended or hard use.