Craftsman C3 19.2V Battery Preview

Craftsman C3 19.2V Lithium-Ion Compact Battery

The Craftsman C3 19.2V Battery is a new Lithium-ion model that will be available later this spring. As a size comparison, the battery shown on the left is the standard C3 NiCad battery and the battery in the middle is the regular C3 Lithium-ion battery currently available. The new compact Lithium-Ion battery is shown on the right and shows how much thinner the body of it is.

While not quite as powerful as the regular Lithium-Ion, it is still 10% more powerful then the regular NiCad. For most users, the difference in power will rarely be sensed which makes this battery a good choice for your compact tools. There is a useful battery gauge built into the front of the batteries that turn from green to yellow to red, to indicate the battery charge level. These batteries are set to hit the store shelves sometime this spring for individual purchase.

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