Black & Decker Debuts Pivoting RapidRoller Paint Roller Painting Tool Reviews

Black and Decker Pivoting RapidRoller Paint Roller

Black and Decker “rolled out” (get it?) a new paint roller this month that comes with a side-pivoting head that also stores paint within its long handle. The new Black and Decker RapidRoller paint roller system is designed for fast painting and ease of use. The new Paint Roller gets rid of the requirement of having to constantly stoop down to reload on paint using traditional paint trays by the introduction of an E-Z Fill System that actually draws paint into its long handle. Black and Decker claims the design of the tool helps consumers complete projects up to twice as fast over the use of traditional rollers. Not content with that, they even added a “kickstand” near the tool’s neck, that allows you to set it down safely and neatly when you need a break.


Black and Decker RapidRoller Paint Roller Features

The Black and Decker RapidRoller paint roller system uses an adapter that fits over the lid of a standard paint can. You then literally suck the paint into the roller’s handle by pulling back on it like a plunger. Squeezing the trigger mechanism releases paint into the roller. The paint that fills the handle is enough to do an 8×10 wall without refilling. The three-position pivoting head allows you to angle the roller at normal, 40-degree, and 80-degree angles for a pretty amazing choice of approaches to any project.

“Painting has been among the most popular DIY projects for decades. Black & Decker is proud to provide a painting solution that solves common user frustrations.”

– Steve Wiezorek, group product manager at Black & Decker

The new Black and Decker RapidRoller Paint Roller sells for $24.99 on Amazon and should also be available wherever Black and Decker painting tools are sold.


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