Bosch 2011 New Woodworking and Metal Tools – Part 2

Bosch 2011 New Woodworking and Metal Tools - Part 2

Take a look at Bosch 2011 New Woodworking and Metal Tools.

Jim Stevens showed us the new MX25 series of corded oscillating tools. This is a 2.5-amp model that attempts to differentiate itself by being more powerful than the competition and also including more real accessories. While that 72-piece kit you have from a competitor may sound impressive, often there are only a couple blades included and the rest are sanding pads. Bosch includes 8 real accessories plus sanding triangles and they throw it all in a hard case, so you can truck your MX25 around to the jobsite without any fear of it getting destroyed by other cases or tools.

List of Bosch 2011 New Woodworking and Metal Tools

Jason Feldner came onto stage, hamming it up like the rock star that he is. This time he was holding a Bosch GTS1031 10″ Portable Jobsite Table saw in one hand and a folding stand in the other. That was a great way to demonstrate the portability of this tool (I mean, he’s not that strong, lol). Try that with any other 15-amp table saw! Two clicks and the saw was set up. We reviewed this saw last week and can confirm that it is indeed that easy to get going. You’ve got full power, but portability that doesn’t sacrifice the ability to really cut wood well. Having a slightly smaller deck than their full-size 4100-series job site saw, the GTS1031 is designed to be thrown in and out of a truck with ease. It’s a great product, but we were one of the few that had covered it in depth at the time, and so we’ll let you read our review of that rather than rehash the info here.

Bosch RS428 Reciprocating SawJohnathan Wray quickly showed us the new RS428 Reciprocating saw which hit the market in April of this year. This 14-amp corded saw includes a new innovative anti-vibration system with a counter-balance mechanism and anti-vibration handle. While it has the highest power of similarly-priced products, the tool only weighs 8 lbs.  This is a demo saw, so its orbital action is permanent. We got to use it outside during the live demos and it did pretty well, though it had some stiff competition. There is also a new WS314 corded Wet Saw hitting the market now, which looks to be a decent solution for those who want to cut tile in the field simply, and without the use of a full tile cutter, pump (optional), and rig. This is a 12-amp product that weighs just 6 lbs. And runs at up to 12,000 RPM. It can cut wet or dry with either 4″ or 4-1/2″ diamond wheels and supports both 7/8″ and 20mm arbors. The price point is just $159 and there is an optional parallel guide and water kit for dustless, accurate operation.

Bosch 7-inch PolisherI got to try out the next tool, the Bosch 7″ Polisher – which is due out in the fourth quarter of this year. This is a 10.5-amp tool. It’s really ergonomic and feels good in the hand, weighing just 6 pounds. You’ve got both a speed dial to set max rotation RPMs as well as a variable speed trigger so you can put the spin right where you want it. It’s just a nice tool that works well. While we were doing demos, some of the guys were polishing a hood. That’s not my idea of fun, but the polisher was so easy to use I almost wanted to go refinish my own car! As you’d expect, the polishing discs attach via hook and loop and the tool had plenty of torque, even though Bosch said that this wasn’t the final tool and it was still being tweaked for maximum performance. Retail is $199.

Bosch Accessories – Daredevil, Bulldogs, and Spaugers – Oh My!

Bosch Accessories – Daredevil applicationRoger Amrol, President, Accessories North America came out next to discuss Bosch accessories. Chris Carlson, Product Manager Woodworking Accessories revealed the new Daredevil framing circular saw blades. These will be replacing the current Bosch line, from 6-1/2″ all the way to 12″ diameter blades. They will also be available in different tooth configurations (18, 24, 40, and even 60). The new slogan is “Starts sharper, stays sharper” and the new revamped line is in production now. Bosch says the new blades make lots of improvements over the older models, including better tip erosion over longer periods, and nail and knot impact-resistance. There are other improvements as well:

  • 1/3 lower vibration over competitors (for a smoother cut)
  • Bosch now grinds all faces of their new “Triple-sharp” blade tips
  • The new finish is similar to teflon for less friction during cutting
  • They formulated new carbide for this blade
  • Bosch now uses a higher grade steel 65 manganese (65mn) plate to keep it straighter
  • This is a thinner kerf design with body and expansion slots to keep it cool

Bosch Accessories – Daredevil

The new Daredevil blades will retail at the exact same price as current blades. While Bosch will not initially manufacture these for cordless tools, the idea is to bring those products to market as well. The thinner kerf of the blade definitely helped when we used it (it measures just 1.65mm) as, we suppose, did the more dramatic tooth grind angle (15 degree carbide ATB – alternating top bevel). Cuts were indeed smoother than other framing blades. About the only question remaining in our minds is how long the blade life will be given typical jobsite conditions. Bosch claims the Daredevil blades will have twice the lifetime of key competitors, with 2x the number of nails hit before the saw blade is rendered inoperable. That’s just something we’ll have to test over time and report back on. Milwaukee 5263-21 5/8″ SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Preview

Mitch Burdick, Product Manager Concrete Tools, revealed the newly-branded “Bulldog” bits. So, instead of X4L drill bits, the Bulldog moniker will be taking over. The newer MX25 Oscillating Tool launch was carefully timed to coincide with the new oscillating tool accessories promotions Bosch is undertaking. In classic “cheesy-marketing” fashion, Bosch then ran a funny video that basically substituted an MX25 kit for a set of Ginsu knives. I have to say, I am looking forward to cutting me some tomatoes with my new oscillating tool!

Rotary Hammer and Grinder Dust Shrouds

Bosch Rotary Hammer and Grinder Dust Shrouds

So along with the new Bulldog line of bits and accessories, we got to see the new Bulldog “Extreme Max” 1-1/8″ SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer (RH228VC). It’s an 8-amp tool with up to 1300 RPMs and 2.4 impact ft-lbs (also 5800 bpm, highest in its class as well). It has a vibration control mechanism that goes beyond just the handle and weighs in at just 6.8 pounds! Priced at just $259 retail and due out in November, what actually impressed us more was the work Bosch was doing in coming up with dust shrouds for this tool and others in the line. The new shrouds, which are completely beta at this point but due out later this year, will serve well those working under the new lead-free rules and existing concrete dust-free requirements. There are three: the HDC-C1, HDC-D1, and HDC-C1. What’s truly impressive is that these Hammer Dust Collection Attachments can be used with virtually all Bosch and competitor hammers as well as breakers. They use a tool-free clamp and can be adjusted to match any bit length, assuring compatibility with all chipping bits. The price? Just $99.

Bosch Rotary Hammer and Grinder Dust Shrouds application

Bosch is also releasing new 5″ diameter Grinder Dust Collection Attachments in October of this year for $99 each which will fit most grinders. They include a removable brush ring and a nose piece that can come off. The new attachments are made to work with a variety of wheels. We’re looking forward to checking these out because, as we learned in our training for Lead Safe Certification, this is a growing trend in both local and state municipalities and more and more requirements are being placed on professionals to use and adopt better dust removal practices.

Back to Corded Tools!

In September of this year, Bosch will release its 3931A-SPB 6-Gallon MPP Vacuum. This is a “basic” vacuum and no power broker controls are included. It will retail for $459 and can be converted to HEPA-compatible. One of the more interesting aspects is that it has what’s called a pulse-cleaning filter that self-cleans and maintains maximum suction power during usage. Unlike the Festool, the vacuum isn’t soft-start, but it is one of the highest-rated in terms of motor power.

Bosch Tuckpointing diamond blades application

Matt Van, Product Manager Diamond Saw Blades and Bonded Abrasives, next came on stage and went over Bosch’s new solution for brick mortar repair. The new Tuckpointing diamond blades are generated with a two-blade design. Matt pointed out that some of the pros they observed were taking two blades and stacking them with washers to essentially give them a quicker cut through the mortar, and help the blades to last longer. “Sounds like a plan” was Bosch’s response. The new blades have a secure weld between the two sandwiched pieces. The dual stack allows for up to 1/4″ of material removal per pass – plenty for repointing brick (replacing weathered mortar joints).

Bosch Tuckpointing diamond blades

In addition to changing the form-factor to present the dual-blades idea and greatly increase the ease of use, Bosch also optimized the diamond mix so the blade lasts longer for mortar applications. They essentially messed with it until they got a good balance between blade life and speed of cut. “Grind on. Long life, faster cutting.” is the new motto for these diamond blades. I won’t call it catchy, but we did get a chance to work with these tools outside and the dual narrow blade design made for faster cutting into the mortar over the larger, fatter single-blade design.

Jim Stevens, Product Manager for Woodworking Power Tools, came to stage and reiterated the successful launch of the newest corded Bosch oscillating multi-tool, the MX25. That oscillating tool is now available in three different kits, the MX25EC-21, MX25EK-33, and MX25EL-37, which package the tool with different accessories. The MX25 is currently one of the most powerful oscillating tools in its class, and Bosch ships it with the most accessories for the price as well as a hard case.

Bosch ROS65EVC5 Large Random Orbit Sander applicationThe next tool I hadn’t seen before – and it really caught my attention. This was the ROS65EVC5 Large Random Orbit Sander (due out in August 2011). What makes this tool so awesome is the brand-new vibration reduction,which really works. In testing this tool outside we were amazed at how well the ROS65EVC5 managed to concentrate all of the work onto the wood – and not on your hand. This de-coupling suspension system worked such that the handle and controls are only connected to the sanding/motor part of the tool via four foam pads and some cabling. In this way, the energy is kept on the sanding surface and directed downward. The secondary advantage is that the foam also helps with falls to protect the tool. The canister actually has an air filter within and opens easily to empty and clear. The tool also takes a 5″ or 6″ pad, which adheres to the integrated hook and loop fastening system.

Bosch ROS65EVC5 Large Random Orbit Sander-canister

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