Bosch 5 Ah Battery Packs Extend Run Time

Hitting store shelves this month will be Bosch 5 Ah battery packs which should significantly extend run time (check out our 2015 Bosch World of Concrete coverage for new of their Bosch 6 Ah battery as well). The higher capacity increased run time as you would expect, but Bosch has used high capacity, low resistance cells to make these Bosch 5 Ah battery packs the same size and weight of previous 3.0 and 4.0 Ah fat packs. They also feature CoolPack technology that allows the battery to run at a lower temperature and increasing the recharge life by up to 100%! There’s no word yet on how quickly these higher 5.0 Ah-rated batteries will be integrated into the Bosch wireless charging system.

Bosch 5.0Ah Battery Packs Compatibility

The BAT621 Bosch 5 Ah battery packs are compatible with all Bosch 18V Lithium-Ion tools and features a standard fuel gauge to eliminate the guesswork in how much longer you have to work. Expect retail prices to be around $129. For more information, visit Bosch’s website. While you’re there, don’t forget to register to win a new Ram 1500 or Bosch EC Brushless Power Tool!

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