Bosch CSW41 Worm Drive Circular Saw

Bosch is introducing its new lightweight CSW41 Worm Drive Circular Saw which is very similar to the Skil MAG77LT circular saw. The Bosch CSW41 worm drive saw offers a better viewing angle of the cut thanks to the motor being on the opposite side of most circular saws, but they often suffer a reputation of being heavy with the average saw being around 18 pounds. Bosch has used a magnesium construction to trim that weight all the way down to 13.2 pounds which is getting very close to the weight of a traditional circular saw.

The magnesium housing remains rigid under load while effectively dissipating heat away. Worm drive saws are already known for the smooth cuts they deliver and Bosch includes an advanced oil lubrication system and five ball bearings ensure longer life and even smoother operation. The gears are engineered with tall, deep teeth to increase the contact area and deliver more power than other gearing configurations.

Bosch CSW41 Specifications

  • Amperage: 15
  • Blade Diameter: 7-¼ inches
  • Bevel: 53 degrees
  • Depth of Cut: 1-15/16” @ 45 degrees, 1-13/16” @ 50 degrees, 2-3/8” @ 90 degrees
  • Weight: 13.2 pounds
  • Price: $219
  • Warranty: 1 year

Included with purchase is the CSW41 Worm Drive, multi-function blade wrench, carbide blade, and built in saw hook. Buy it here from Amazon, or any Bosch retailers nationwide.


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