Bosch E-Repair Service Now Available

Bosch E-Repair

Bosch E-Repair Network Now Online for Better Customer Service on Repairs

Bosch Tools is improving its customer service experience through the new Bosch E-Repair Network. This service is a web based product that is free for Bosch owners to use. It offers an electronic form to fill out (more on that below) which will generate a pre-paid UPS shipping label if your tool is under warranty. There is also a status tracker so you can keep an eye on where in the process your tool is.

Here’s Bosch E-Repair process as described on the website:

1 – Fill out the E-Repair form.

2 – Print your completed E-Repair form and include it with your packaged tool.

3 – Print your Pre-paid UPS shipping label and affix it to the box…

4 – Drop off the box at a regular UPS drop-box or authorized drop stations such as UPS stores.

I decided to check out the website to see if it’s really that easy and to see what else you might need to know before using the service. I started by clicking on the “Go to E-Repair Form” button and immediately was taken to a page with plenty on information to fill out.

You’ll need to fill out your contact information including name, telephone number, and address. If you have a Bosch account number, you’ll supply it here as well. There’s also a place for your company name if you are submitting the request in the name of your business.

For the tool information, you’ll need to supply the date of purchase, so it will be very helpful if you have your reciept or you registered your tool with Bosch. The tool category, type, and model are selected from drop down bars, which I find very helpful. You’ll need to manually enter the serial number. If you’re a Provantage member, you’ll enter that here as well. You enter the problem in your own words and you also have the option to let them know if you are sending them any accessories that they may need to help diagnose the issue. Be sure to list all accessories you’re sending, including the battery, so that you have a record in case anything goes missing.

Next, select the repair option you need. Warranty repairs need to have a receipt included in the package (I’d make a copy and keep the original). All repairs made under warranty include free shipping both ways, and you’ll print a pre-paid UPS label as part of the process. If you send your tool in though the Bosch E-Repair Network as a warranty repair but it is not actually under warranty, a Bosch rep will contact you.

Chargeable repairs are a different animal. First of all, you’re responsible for the shipping charges. You have the option of naming the max price you’re willing to pay for the repairs or using the MaxVantagePro repair option. In this case, the maximum charge for repairs is half the cost of buying a new tool. If Bosch can’t repair it for less than that price, they’ll send you a factory reconditioned model for the MaxVantagePro cost.

Finally, select your repair location by entering your zip code. Select the radius around you, the category of tool you need repaired, and ten click to select the authorized repair facility you want to send it to. Click on whether you want to pick up your tool or have Bosch ship it back when they’re finished and you’re on your way.

Overall, the process seems pretty easy and straightforward. I like the ease of filling everything out online and knowing that the repair ticket was completed by me as the user. We don’t currently have any Bosch tools in need of repair, but if you get a chance to use the Bosch E-Repair Network, we’d love to hear your feedback! To check out the service for yourself, visit Bosch’s website.

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