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Bosch RH432VCQ SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Preview

Bosch RH432VCQ SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Preview

Bosch has incorporated its patented Active Vibration Control technology into the Bulldog 1-1/8-inch SDS-Plus RH328VC, RH328VCQ, and 1-1/4-inch Bosch RH432VCQ SDS-Plus Rotary Hammers. This technology reduces vibration in both the hammer mechanism and the grip area. It drops overall vibration by as much as 50 percent.

Bosch RH432VCQ SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Features

The Bosch RH432VCQ operates at 8.5 amps with 3.7-foot-pounds of impact energy. That makes it one of the fastest drilling SDS-plus hammer in its class. The Bosch RH328VC and RH328VCQ produce 8-amps of power and 2.6-foot-pounds of impact energy. Both deliver a high power-to-weight ratio in the rotary hammer category. The Bosch RH328VC weighing in at a lean 7.7-pounds and only 12.5-inches in length. The RH432VCQ weighs just 10.3-pounds.

The compact L-shaped design improves the user’s line of sight for precision drilling. This makes the Bulldog family of rotary hammers ideal for electricians, plumbers, general installers, commercial and construction contractors, and HVAC professionals.

Vibration Control

Bosch’s Vibration Control Technology also makes the hammers extremely comfortable to use. The technology features a longer air cushion built into the hammer mechanism. Combined with dampening elements in the grip, it substantially reduces vibration levels at the source. It also provides some of the lowest vibration levels in this hammer class.

The new models offer three modes of operation: rotary hammer, hammer-only and rotation-only. Vario-Lock positioning rotates and locks the chisel into any of 12 different positions allowing users maximum control. The RH328VCQ and RH432VCQ models also include a Quick-Change chuck system for convenient change out between SDS-plus and an optional 3-jaw chuck for use with a wide range of accessories.

A variable speed three-finger trigger ensures accurate bit starting, and a forward / reverse lever provides equal power in each direction, for ease of jam-bit removal. A 360-degree auxiliary handle and integral clutch minimize torque reaction for further control and versatility. The RH328VC, RH328VCQ, and Bosch RH432VCQ SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer come equipped with an auxiliary handle and carrying case.

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