Buying an Entire Town Might Be a Developer’s Dream

Buying an Entire Town Might Be a Developer's Dream

If you’re looking to take your homebuilding and remodeling business to the next level, buying an entire town might be the way to go. The town of Toomsboro, Georiga is for sale, well, most of it, for a cool $1.7 million.

The property covers 40 acres and is just 36 miles east of Macon. The commute is a relatively easy 45 minutes. It’s a 2-hour drive to cover the 120-ish miles to Atlanta.

You’ll be the proud owner of 33 individual properties. Some of the highlights include:

  • Schoolhouse
  • Opera house
  • Historic inn
  • Syrup mill
  • Cotton warehouse
  • Restaurant
  • Water wheel
  • Barbershop
  • Filling station

Seriously Though, Buying an Entire Town?

While the idea of buying an entire town sounds like fun and has inspired several interesting conversations in our office, why would you?

We actually came up with a few legit reasons.


With several existing homes and vacant lots, a company can conceivably come in and remodel some of the existing homes, build on the vacant lots, and maybe tear down to rebuild others. That in and of itself will help earn back a lot of your investment if you can attract buyers.

Remodeling the other town-owned structures may be more difficult to recoup the cost. Given how much of the town you’ll own, there’s a good chance the votes will swing your way in this town of 700 residents.

A Deep Love of the South

If you have a next-level kind love for the south, this is a great opportunity to build out your ideal southern town. And yes, you’ll likely end up on the cover of Southern Living if you do it right.

This can be a great way to bring in tourist dollars through events like Civil War reenactments, classic southern festivals, and even those high-class kind of Steel Magnolias type get-togethers.

Southern Movie Set

For me, buying an entire town like Toomsboro is a big win for a movie studio. You get just about all the buildings you need for shooting inside and out for a variety of movie and television styles. This one probably makes the most sense out of all of them, especially since Georgia already has a solid foot in the filming industry.

Interested or just curious? Check out the webpage!


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