Construction Accidents: Weird Way to Lose A Thumb

Construction Accidents

First David C. Smith Safety Third Award Presented for Construction Accident in Florida

There are plenty of ways to get injured on the job. Construction accidents, sadly, happen every day. One of the more common injuries, particularly around saws, is to lose a finger. Removing safety features on a table saw will do it. So will leaving your guide hand in front of the cut on your circular saw. A man in Jupiter, Florida (yep, it really is named after the planet) found a brand new way to lose a thumb due to a construction accident. Here kitty, kitty.

Nope, this isn’t your everyday house cat. This construction site was at a large cat breeder. Yep, our boy got bit by a tiger. According to Florida Fish and Wildlife officials, the worker stuck his hand inside the cage. There aren’t a whole lot of ways to get your hand turned into Meow Mix when the tiger hasn’t escaped the cage. Sticking your hand inside it is one of the few. Apparently, the tiger took exception to having his space violated and grabbed hold of the man’s hand. He’s lucky that he only lost a thumb in the process.

The good news is that the owner of the tiger has everything at his facility perfectly in order and legal. In fact, officials say that they have never had a problem at this facility and it is one of the most up to date facilities in their jurisdiction. This construction accident is completely on the worker.

So I’ve decided to take upon myself to recognize this man in the spirit with which he was clearly working. Yes, Mr. Tigers Don’t Scare Me, you are the very first winner of the David C. Smith Safety Third Award! Here’s to the fact that you actually survived your construction accident to receive it. Here’s hoping that you don’t become a repeat nominee.

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