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Putting Your Finger in a Spinning Saw Blade

Stopping a Saw Blade with Your Finger Video!

If you thought putting your hand into a live, spinning table saw blade was hard to do—imagine doing it TWICE! This time, Kenny Koehler puts his index finger in the path of the Bosch Reaxx table saw blade. He does it to see how it fares with a front-of-blade contact. And let me tell you, putting […]

Should You Use Cordless Tool Battery Adapters

Should You Use Cordless Tool Battery Adapters?

Battery Adapters and Voltage Boosters By now, you may have seen the videos running around that show a converted DeWalt or Makita lithium-ion battery running a Snap-On cordless glue gun using a tool battery adapter. If you haven’t, take a look below at the one showing off the possibility and upcoming product launch. At first […]

Florida Handheld Cell Phone Ban

Florida Handheld Cell Phone Ban Begins October 1st 2019

AAA issued a warning today about the upcoming Florida handheld cell phone ban going into effect October 1, 2019. As most of us are aware, using a cell phone while driving presents a real distraction. As of next Tuesday, Florida law enforcement officers can pull over and ticket drivers if found using a cell phone […]

Safety Third: Better Hammer Accuracy

Safety Third: Why ATC is So Good For Our Culture

Man, is it great to be able to watch music videos and listen to pop music again! I’ve been stuck having to watch Country – which sounds mysteriously like 90’s Pop these days – and 90’s Rock music videos just to give my eyes a break from things that can’t be unseen. And we can […]

Safety Third - Bungee Cords

Safety Third: Bungee Cords

What Happens When the Safety Third Team Goes for a Simple Pickup? The guys needed to grab some plywood to serve as our test medium in our recent 18V Impact Driver Roundup. If you didn’t read it yet, you’re one of the few. It’s the most popular article Pro Tool Reviews has ever written. Anyway, they […]

Safety Third: Nemo Special Ops Underwater Drill

Safety Third: Nemo Special Ops Tactical Drill

Nemo Special Underwater Drill for the DIY Black Ops Mission Now that I’ve got my concealed weapons permit, I’m all about the tactical gear. I’ve got a tactical flashlight from LEDLenser and a tactical boot knife from Kershaw. Then there’s my sidearm and assault rif… er, modern sporting rifle. Ready to defend my family and […]

Safety Third: Crane Proposal

Safety Third Award: Mr. I Used a Crane to Propose

Our Managing Editor, Kenny Koehler, recently proposed to his now fiancee’. After listening to the very sweet story, I have to say that he’s way too conservative for a Safety Third style proposal like this guy! In the Dutch town of Ijsselstein (yeah, I don’t really know how to pronounce that), a man devised a […]

Construction Accidents

Construction Accidents: Weird Way to Lose A Thumb

First David C. Smith Safety Third Award Presented for Construction Accident in Florida There are plenty of ways to get injured on the job. Construction accidents, sadly, happen every day. One of the more common injuries, particularly around saws, is to lose a finger. Removing safety features on a table saw will do it. So […]

Safety Third - Pick a Fastener!

Safety Third: Hardware Store Robots

Today is a sad day. I have finally given up on flying out to California to go take a look at the new Lowe’s robots and feature them on Safety Third. No amount of pleading and following Clint around on my knees could convince him that I should fly out just to take a selfie […]

Steel Toe Flip Flops

Safety Third: Steel Toe Flip Flops

I get safety, I really do. I remember at a previous job of mine coming across a man known as Steve Chopatoe. How did he get it? He was out mowing around the facility and well, chopped his toe. Had he been wearing steel toe boots or shoes, he might still have that big toe. […]