Safety Third: Nemo Special Ops Tactical Drill

Safety Third: Nemo Special Ops Underwater Drill

Nemo Special Underwater Drill for the DIY Black Ops Mission

Now that I’ve got my concealed weapons permit, I’m all about the tactical gear. I’ve got a tactical flashlight from LEDLenser and a tactical boot knife from Kershaw. Then there’s my sidearm and assault rif… er, modern sporting rifle. Ready to defend my family and the innocent public from bad guys no matter where I am, I started looking around to see how I could take it to another level – the responsibly armed citizen with special ops training.

Initially frustrated by the lack of tactical power tools after talking to several manufacturers, I finally stumbled upon a beautiful example – the Nemo Special Ops Underwater Tactical Drill. Without even a logo marking the outside, this is the drill of my future. It’s an 18V battery platform paired with a couple of 6 amp hour battery packs. The Nemo Special Ops  boasts 1500 RPM and just under 500 inch pounds of torque that can run up to 100 meters (328 feet) without damage.

Nemo Special Ops Underwater Drill: Plan of Action

Safety Third Nemo Special Ops Underwater Drill

I thought I’d be subtle and loosen a few bolts on the transom mounted outboard of a bad guy’s boat at our local marina. There wasn’t enough torque for that, but I brought some spade bits as a backup plan. The mayor’s boat sank a little, well, a lot faster than I thought it would.

As it turns out, running out of the water in a black wetsuit at noon isn’t as tactical as I thought either. Embarrassingly and with lots of obscenities directed towards me, I was informed it was actually one of the city councilmen that had voiced such a strong opposition to my argument for new trash pickup days.

So the mayor now has a brand new boat with all the bells and whistles, the charges against me have been dropped, and I’m out $60,000 not counting attorney’s fees. They gave me the Nemo Special Ops Underwater Drill back once I promised not to use it like that again.

I’ve got a trip planned to England already. Maybe I’ll pop into MI-6 and see if they could use someone with skills like mine. After all, Bond is aging. What could possibly go wrong?

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