Safety Third: Steel Toe Flip Flops

Steel Toe Flip Flops

I get safety, I really do. I remember at a previous job of mine coming across a man known as Steve Chopatoe. How did he get it? He was out mowing around the facility and well, chopped his toe. Had he been wearing steel toe boots or shoes, he might still have that big toe.

Although the safety wear has been around for a while now, and it’s pretty well done I might add, I figure that it’s time to update the lineup. After all, I don’t recall hearing anyone at the bar talking about how someone’s steel toe boots got them a phone number.

Living in Central Florida lends itself to a certain lifestyle – a bit more laid back than the rest of the country tends to enjoy. Shoot, last year, our town dipped below the freezing point exactly once.

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the steel toe flip flop! I figure that there’s really nothing better than hanging out on the jobsite in your favorite Tommy Bahama shirt, khaki shorts, and steel toe flip flops. Throw in a pair of Costa del Mar “safety glasses” (no one will know the difference anyway) and a Panama Jack “safety helmet” (in either yellow or white) to complete the ensemble.

Something falling towards your feet? No problem! Simply remove your foot from the flip flop and let the steel edge take the blow. Put your foot back in the flip flop like nothing ever happened.

Working around machinery that poses an amputation hazard? Easy, just put your steel toe flip flops between your bare feet and the edge of the machine to remind you to stand back.

Using a flooring nailer on that hardwood floor? Just curl your toes in a little bit so the nail will only hit the steel.

But there’s even more that you can do with your steel toe flip flop! You’re not supposed to use the back of your nailer to finish off fasteners that didn’t make it all the way in. Don’t risk all of those lab tested safety features on that bad boy failing, just whip off your steel toe flip flop and whack away at it!

Thanks to my new steel toe flip flop, the job site just got a whole lot more comfortable! Be on the lookout for UL certification and patents that are pending. I’m thinking that a Birkenstock style line will follow.  Besides, what could possibly go wrong?

Obviously, Pro Tool Reviews does not endorse the intentional misuse or modification of any tool, but we do hope that you had the chance to take a little break and share a laugh with us during your workday!

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