Safety Third: Bungee Cords

Safety Third - Bungee Cords

What Happens When the Safety Third Team Goes for a Simple Pickup?

The guys needed to grab some plywood to serve as our test medium in our recent 18V Impact Driver Roundup. If you didn’t read it yet, you’re one of the few. It’s the most popular article Pro Tool Reviews has ever written. Anyway, they decided to send the Safety Third crew to go pick it up since they were in the middle of testing. We made our selections that included more than just a sheet of plywood (since it’s impossible to grab just one item at any home improvement store).

We checked out and got the wood loaded up on the TracRac SR affixed to the Ford F-150. Combine tools with trucks, and you’ve got a recipe for a conversation anywhere you go. Let slip that you review professional level tools, and everyone wants to jump in on the conversation. Today was no different. By the time our most recent fan left, we were pretty sure TracRac owed us commission for a future sale.

Finally ready to strap things down and go, we went the easy route. Yep, instead of turning to our Gear Armour Ratcheting Strap, we went with bungee cords. After slipping the hook into an appropriate spot on the rack, I pulled the cord taut on the other side. Just as I was about to put my hook in a secure point, the opposite end came loose.

You know how people are able to miraculously get out of the way of flying baseball bats, out-of-control cars, and other potentially damaging scenarios? That didn’t happen.

As time slowed down, I could do no more than watch the blue-banded projectile hit me squarely in the chest.


I swallowed the pain as best I could and said through tear streaked eyes that I was fine, hoping my sunglasses hid them. I pushed through the rest of the day trying not to think too much about the pain. When I got home, I had a rather strange new tattoo resembling a large hook.

I suppose I should be grateful that I didn’t catch that one in the face. Even with ANSI impact rated glasses, it wouldn’t have been pretty. But hey, we got the wood to the shop and the team was able to finish the impact driver roundup. The ends justify the means I suppose. Who am I kidding? I never want to see another @$#%*! bungee cord as long as I live!

After all, what could possibly go wrong?

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