Best 18V Impact Driver Roundup Cordless Drill Reviews & Impact Drivers

Best 18V Impact Driver Roundup

The impact driver has become one of the most popular cordless tools on the planet. Certainly among professionals, it’s the number one tool for screw driving and other fastening applications. We rounded up the most popular models to see who can lay claim as the Best 18V Impact Driver currently on the market. The only requirements are that the impact driver has to be in the 18V/20V Max class and have a 1/4″ hex collet.

Unlike our Heavy Duty Cordless Drill Shootout, we opened this one up to everyone to get an idea of where each model performs compared to the others. In addition to the names you’re used to seeing like Ridgid, Milwaukee, Makita, and DeWalt, we also have a couple of value-minded options from Ryobi and Kobalt.

There’s also a twist – the Ridgid Stealth Force Pulse Driver technically belongs to a slightly different tool class called oil impact drivers. It uses hydraulics to deliver its force. While the basic action and design are the same, it is a different experience. However, Ridgid designed and priced this tool to be a replacement for traditional impact drivers, so it’s been invited to the party. In determining which is going to be the best 18V impact driver for you, we’re looking at performance, ergonomics, and value.


Numbers to Know

You’ll typically find three numbers that tell you about the performance of an impact driver. Like a drill, speed in RPM’s is how fast the impact driver is able to rotate with any load working against it. Torque is the amount of rotational force that the driver can transfer to the fastener – think of it as the muscle behind the bat speed. While we can nail down torque in drills pretty well, the action of an impact driver makes the torque rating much less accurate. Take it with a grain of salt until you see the driver in action.

Impact drivers add the metric of IPM, or impacts per minute. The highest torque occurs as the hammer impacts the anvil much like taking a hammer to your tire iron to break loose a stuck lug nut. Since this is where the highest torque occurs, it makes sense that the more times you can deliver it, the faster your driving will be. The combination of speed, torque, and impact rate result in a much faster driving experience than you can achieve with a drill.

Here’s a glance at those numbers for each impact driver. We’re not going to crown a champion based on published specs alone though.

*Note: The Ridgid Stealth Force torque and Gen5X impact ratings are not published at this time.

Best 18V Impact Driver Roundup - Specifications

Testing Methods

The vast majority of the time, impact drivers are either driving standard screws or lag screws, so we’ll be conducting our tests in that realm. There are times when we use them to tighten or loosen bolts when an exact amount of torque isn’t required, but that’s kind of tough to quantify. More manufacturers are coming out with impact rated accessories like drill bits and spade bits. We’re not quite ready to take those away from our drills, so we won’t be focusing on those… for now.

Screw Driving

Try driving a screw with an impact driver and you’ll find that it’s pretty dang fast. If you’re not paying attention, you can sink your screw well beyond the surface of your material. In fact, many models can continue driving them until the bit tip loses contact with the screw head in softer woods like pine.

We’re turning to 3/4″ plywood as our test material. Each model is going to drive twenty-five 3″ drywall screws flush to the surface as quickly as it can. In order to minimize mistakes, each screw has a 1/4″ head start in the wood. This allows us to move quickly from one screw to the next and it’s deep enough to keep the screw from wandering or falling over at startup. If we have bit failures, camouts, or anything else unforeseen happen, we’ll stop the test and start it over from the beginning.

Best 18V Impact Driver Roundup - Screw Driving Test

Medium Lag Screws

Getting into where the impact drivers start to earn their reputation over cordless drills, we’ll be driving 3/8″ x 3-1/2″ lag screws into stacked plywood. Thanks to wood’s tendency to split when driving such large diameter screws, we’ll be giving them the benefit of a 1/4″ pilot hole. Each impact driver is going to drive 10 lag screws flush to the surface consecutively.

Best 18V Impact Driver Roundup - Medium Lag Screw Test

Large Lag Screws

Finally, we’re going to test the muscle of each impact driver. Each participant is going to drive a 1/2″ x 6″ lag screw as close to flush to the plywood surface as it can. There will be no pilot hole this time – we just want to know who the strongest is. For the ones that can finish it off, we’ll also be keeping time as a tie breaker. It will take 486 inch pounds of constant torque to get the lag screw flush on the final turn – a number that may sound low, but is actually tough to sustain for this class of tool.

Best 18V Impact Driver Roundup - Large Lag Screw Test

Performance Results

Screw Driving

I’m not ashamed to admit it – this test was just fun. Driving 25 drywall screws as fast I could seemed more like a game than work. You know when The Home Depot does their weekend projects for kids? While you drop off Junior for the project, they should think about just setting up drills and screws like this so you have something to play with. Add an employee for timing and Junior will be waiting on you instead of the other way around.

Best 18V Impact Driver Roundup - Screw Driving Test Ridgid Stealth Force

Only one of our drivers completed the task in under 1 minute – the Ridgid Stealth Force (0:54.7). There was some stiff competition for second with DeWalt coming just over a minute (1:00.1) and Makita not far behind (1:00.5).

Best 18V Impact Driver Roundup - Drywall Screw Results

Medium Lag Screws

This test wasn’t quite as much fun as driving drywall screws. More effort was required from each impact driver and the vibration from each impact was felt more readily by my hands and arms. It also started to expose just how much effort some of the drivers were having to put out in the form of heat.

Best 18V Impact Driver Roundup - Medium Lag Screw Test Milwaukee 2753

Once again, Ridgid’s Stealth Force asserted its dominance in this test as one of two drivers to finish in under a minute. It decimated the mark, taking just 41.2 seconds. Makita (0:57.5) took second with Ridgid’s Gen5X Brushless Impact Driver (1:10.8) coming in third place.

Best 18V Impact Driver Roundup - Medium Lag Screw Results

Large Lag Screws

Driving a 1/2″ x 6″ lag screw into plywood without the use of a pilot is not for the faint of heart. It’s a monstrous task that had to be carefully monitored. Much like a good boxing trainer knows when to throw in the towel, we had to make the call of when it was time to call the driver off once it started struggling. Even though electronic protection controls should prevent you from burning up the tool, this test is asking for everything it has – in some cases over a full minute.

Best 18V Impact Driver Roundup - Large Lag Screw DeWalt DCF887

DeWalt dethroned Ridgid in the toughest test we performed by fully driving the lag screw in 49.5 seconds. Ridgid Stealth Force (49.6) didn’t go down without a fight though, coming in second by one tenth of a second. Milwaukee completed the top three finishing in 50.7 seconds. Hitachi (54.3), Metabo (57.5), and Hilti (58.9) were the only others to fully drive the lag screw flush.

Best 18V Impact Driver Roundup - Large Lag Screw Results

Keeping Your Cool

The typically unspoken result when working in performance testing is heat build up – it’s a killer for any power tool. We used our FLIR C2 Thermal Imaging Camera to look at just how much heat built up during the most stressful tests.

The harder to you work, the more heat you generate. Build up enough heat, and you’ll smoke the tool before heading to the store to spend some of your hard earned money on a replacement. A lower temperature indicates the tool isn’t having to work as hard for its results. Since it’s generating less heat, the tool can also be expected to have a longer lifespan.

So who did the best job of keeping their cool under the highest pressure? Ridgid’s Gen5x Brushless (113 F), followed by Bosch (128 F), and DeWalt (134 F). The same three had the lowest temperatures after driving the medium lag bolts with DeWalt (99.3 F) in first, Ridgid (106 F) in second, and Bosch (117 F) rounding out the podium. On the other end of the spectrum, Ridgid’s Stealth Force pushed 213 F in the 6″ lag screw test.

Best 18V Impact Driver Roundup - Temperature Results

Ergonomics and Value

Ergonomics and value can be hard to put a number on since they’re so subjective. What feels like a great grip in my hand may be too small for yours. Paying a premium price may be off the table for some, while others want the 20 year or lifetime warranty. It can get overly complicated if you dwell too much on it.

Still, we’ve done our best since these are a consideration for every pro that has to make a buying decision. When it comes to ergonomics, we looked at the feel of the tool in our hands under load, grip (the feel when not under load), and the weight of the bare tool (since battery options abound).

For value, we looked at the performance results along with ergonomics and compared them to the kit price. Ideally, the 6th highest performing tool would also have the 6th highest price. If a tool’s performance ranked higher on the list than the price rank, the value moves up. This gets a little muddy when you look at the bare tool price compared to the kit – some brands clearly price their batteries higher than others!

Makita XDT09M Featured image 2

For ergonomics, Makita takes first place with incredibly light weight, comfortable grip, and excellent feel under load. Hilti came in second with the best feel under load of the entire group along with light weight and solid grip. Bosch and DeWalt tied for third.

In the value department, DeWalt was the winner with the Ridgid Stealth Force right on its heels. While Ridgid was the higher performer of the two, ergonomics and 4.0 amp hour batteries made a difference in the end. Ridgid also brought home third place in value with the Gen5X Brushless Impact Driver.


Best 18V Impact Driver Roundup Individual Stats

Ryobi P237 18V One+ 3-Speed 1/4-Inch Impact Driver

Ryobi P237 18V Impact Driver

  • Model Number: P237
  • No Load Speed: 0 – 1700 / 0 – 2500 / 0 – 3200 RPM
  • Torque: 1800 inch pounds
  • Impact Rate: 0 – 3400 IPM
  • Bare Tool Weight: 2.68 pounds
  • Weight with Battery: 4.26 pounds (4.0 amp hour battery)
  • Length: 7.0″
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Bare Tool Price: $79

Test Results

  • Drywall Screws: 9th (1:22.7)
  • Medium Lag Screws: 6th (1:20.3)
  • Large Lag Screw: 11th (5.00″)
  • Performance Ranking: 8th
  • Temperature Control (medium/large lags): 11th (206/188 F)
  • Ergonomics Ranking: 11th
  • Value Ranking: 5th
  • Overall Ranking11th

Ryobi’s P237 is the only sold as a bare tool, so don’t go looking for the kit just yet. I’d expect them to start offering it in Ryobi’s multi-tool kits before too long though. Typically solid Ryobi value combines with decent performance to create another excellent solution for the DIY crowd. The P237 found its highest ranking in the medium duty lag bolt test to outperform Kobalt by a couple of points.

Kobalt K201D-26A 20V 1/4-Inch Variable Speed Impact Driver

Kobalt K201D-26A 20V Impact Driver

  • Model Number: K201D-26A
  • No Load Speed: 0 – 2500 RPM
  • Torque: 1600 inch pounds
  • Impact Rate: 0 – 3300 IPM
  • Bare Tool Weight: 2.36 pounds
  • Weight with Battery: 3.34 pounds
  • Length: 5.72″
  • Warranty: 5 years on tool, 3 years on battery
  • Kit Price: $149.00 Kit includes (1) 2.0 amp hour batteries and charger

Test Results

  • Drywall Screws: 8th (1:20.1)
  • Medium Lag Screws: 9th (1:29.3)
  • Large Lag Screw: 10th (5.25″)
  • Performance Ranking: 10th
  • Temperature Control (medium/large lags): 7th (154/161 F)
  • Ergonomics Ranking: 8th
  • Value Ranking: 5th
  • Overall Ranking10th

Kobalt did some good things with their 20V Max Impact Driver design. One of the most surprising is in the ergonomics under load. With everyone’s impact drivers were vibrating the feeling out of my hands and arms, there was a noticeable difference in Kobalt’s that came as a relief.

Light and medium duty applications are in the wheelhouse for Kobalt, but it did come 3/4″ short of being able to drive the 6″ lag screw. Overall, the performance is on par for the DIYers out there and the price is tough to beat. I’d echo what I saw many other users write and ask Kobalt to add another battery to make this kit complete.

Hitachi WH18DSDL 18V Cordless Impact Driver

Hitachi WH18DSDL 18V Cordless Impact Driver

  • Model Number: WH18DSDL
  • No Load Speed: 0 – 2000 / 0 – 2600 RPM
  • Torque: 840 / 1510 inch pounds
  • Impact Rate: 0 – 3200 IPM
  • Bare Tool Weight: 2.44 pounds
  • Weight with Battery: 3.86 pounds
  • Length: 6-11/32″
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
  • Bare Tool Price: $109.97
  • Kit Price: $299.97  Kit includes (2) 3.0 amp hour batteries and charger

Test Results

  • Drywall Screws: 10th (1:23.1)
  • Medium Lag Screws: 8th (1:24.1)
  • Large Lag Screw: 4th (6″, 54.3 seconds)
  • Performance Ranking: 7th
  • Temperature Control (medium/large lags): 8th (147/186 F)
  • Ergonomics Ranking: 6th
  • Value Ranking: 10th
  • Overall Ranking: 9th

ACME Tools PTR Trusted Partner

As one of two brushed models in the pro ranks, the Hitachi WH18DSDL held its own. It solidified its place in the professional category by being one of the elite to fully drive our 6″ lag screw. While weight hurt the overall ergonomics rating, Hitachi’s physical design still sits among the top in the way it fits your hand.

Hitachi is the only pro model we tested that has two speeds. It’s not a deal breaker, but it is something to note. The elephant in the room is that Hitachi is still packing 3.0 amp hour batteries in their kit. This translates to $31.67 per battery amp hour when you buy the kit instead of the bare tool – the highest in the group. I’d like to see them offer a 4.0 amp hour battery if they’re going to stick at this price point.

Bosch IDH182 EC Brushless Socket Ready Impact Driver

Bosch IDH182 EC Brushless Socket Ready Impact Driver

  • Model Number: IDH182
  • No Load Speed: 0 – 1300 / 0 – 2000 / 0 – 2800 RPM
  • Torque (in. lbs.): 400 / 900 / 1650 inch pounds
  • Impact Rate: 0 – 3200 IPM
  • Bare Tool Weight: 2.40 pounds
  • Weight with Battery: 3.76 pounds
  • Length: 6.2″
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Bare Tool Price: $199.99
  • Kit Price: $329.00 Kit includes (2) 4.0 amp hour batteries and charger

Test Results

  • Drywall Screws: 11th (1:32.1)
  • Medium Lag Screws: 11th (1:45.3)
  • Large Lag Screw: 8th (5.75″)
  • Performance Ranking: 11th
  • Temperature Control (medium/large lags) : 3rd (117/128 F)
  • Ergonomics Ranking: 3rd
  • Value Ranking: 8th
  • Overall Ranking8th

ACME Tools PTR Trusted Partner

A unique feature of Bosch’s IDH182 is the socket ready collet. This innovative design allows you to use a 1/4″ hex bit like you normally would, while also giving you the option to slip on a 1/2″ socket for larger fastening duties. A welcome result of this is an oversize collet release that’s easier to use than most.

Bosch finished up with the slowest performance among the pro level impact drivers, but with really excellent temperature control. If you don’t need the fastest driving available, the temperature management is going to extend the life of this model beyond many of the others. Comparing the kit price to the bare tool, Bosch has the best value for the kit upgrade. The batteries and charger will cost you an extra $16.25 per battery amp hour compared to more than $30 for others.

Metabo SSD 18 LTX 200 18V Cordless Impact Driver

Metabo SSD 18 LTX 200 18V Impact Driver

  • Model Number: SSD 18LTX 200
  • No Load Speed: 0 – 2500 RPM
  • Torque: 1328 inch pounds
  • Impact Rate: 0 – 3300 IPM
  • Bare Tool Weight: 2.20 pounds
  • Weight with Battery: 4.14 pounds (6.2 amp hour battery)
  • Length: 5.75″
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Bare Tool Price: $129.00
  • Kit Price: $199 (2.0 amp hour)/$279 (3.1 amp hour) Kit includes (2) batteries and charger

Test Results

  • Drywall Screws: 6th (1:18.5)
  • Medium Lag Screws: 7th (1:23.7)
  • Large Lag Screw: 5th (6″, 57.5 seconds)
  • Performance Ranking: 6th
  • Temperature Control (medium/large lags): 9th (159/165 F)
  • Ergonomics Ranking: 7th
  • Value Ranking: 8th
  • Overall Ranking7th

ACME Tools PTR Trusted Partner

Metabo’s SSD 18 LTX 200 is one of the two pro brushed motor options and was tops of all the brushed motor models. While its performance is pro level all around, it earned its highest ranking with the 6″ lag bolt as one of the six to completely drive it. If you’re already in the system, Metabo has one of the better bare tool prices. Jumping up to the 5.2 or 6.2 amp hour LiHD batteries comes at a cost – one that’s well worth it if you’re going to bring in additional cordless tools.

Hilti SID 18-A Cordless Impact ScrewdriverHilti SID 18-A Cordless Impact Screwdriver

  • Model Number: SID 18-A
  • No Load Speed: not listed
  • Torque: 531 / 973 / 1460 inch pounds
  • Impact Rate: 0 – 3450 IPM
  • Bare Tool Weight: 2.16 pounds
  • Weight with Battery: 3.90 pounds
  • Length: 5.9″
  • Warranty: 20 years
  • Bare Tool Price: $169.00
  • Kit Price: $439.00 Kit includes (2) 5.2 amp hour batteries and charger

Test Results

  • Drywall Screws: 7th (1:19.2)
  • Medium Lag Screws: 10th (1:31.7)
  • Large Lag Screw: 6th (6″, 58.9 seconds)
  • Performance Ranking: 9th
  • Temperature Control (medium/large lags): 4th (118/141 F)
  • Ergonomics Ranking: 2nd
  • Value Ranking: 11th
  • Overall Ranking6th

Hilti was solid in the ergonomics department, coming in second by one point to Makita. Like we’ve come to expect from Hilti’s cordless tools, it had the best feel under load. It also did reasonably well controlling the temperature. Performance wasn’t near the top where we normally find Hilti’s cordless tools. That’s not really a disappointment considering their focus on heavy duty applications where you’re more likely to need a cordless impact wrench over an impact screw driver.

For the record, Hilti makes a 7/16″ hex impact driver with a massive 4425 inch pounds of torque – just in case you thought they were going soft.

Ridgid R86037 Gen5X Brushless 3-Speed Impact Driver

Ridgid Gen5X Brushless Impact Driver

  • Model Number: R86037
  • No Load Speed: 0 – 1100 / 0 – 2100 / 0 – 2750 RPM
  • Torque: 500 / 1200 / 2250 inch pounds
  • Impact Rate: Not listed
  • Bare Tool Weight: 2.44 pounds
  • Weight with Battery: 4.16 pounds (5.0 amp hour battery)
  • Length: 5-3/4″
  • Warranty: Lifetime Service Agreement
  • Kit Price: $279.00 Kit includes (2) 4.0 amp hour batteries, charger, and Gen5X Brushless Hammer Drill

Test Results

  • Drywall Screws: 5th (1:14.6)
  • Medium Lag Screws: 3rd (1:10.8)
  • Large Lag Screw: 7th (5.87″)
  • Performance Ranking: 5th
  • Temperature Control (medium/large lags): 1st (106/113 F)
  • Ergonomics Ranking: 8th
  • Value Ranking: 9th
  • Overall Ranking: 5th

Ridgid’s Gen5X Brushless Impact Driver came in with the highest published torque rating, but wasn’t able to deliver performance to match it. Where it destroyed the field was in temperature control. Under the toughest conditions, it ran 15 degrees cooler than its closest competitor and 100 degrees cooler than its furthest.

Value is outstanding as usual and it might have done better, but it’s not available as a kit on its own. You’ll have to get the Ridgid Gen5X Brushless Kit that includes the hammer drill at the moment. At $279, is that really such a bad thing?

Makita XDT09 18V LXT Brushless 3-Speed Impact Driver with Quick-Shift

Makita XDT09 18V LXT Brushless Impact Driver

  • Model Number: XDT09
  • No Load Speed: 0 – 1100 / 0 – 2100 / 0 – 3600 RPM
  • Torque: 1550 inch pounds
  • Impact Rate: 0 – 3800 IPM
  • Bare Tool Weight: 1.93 pounds
  • Weight with Battery: 3.28 pounds (5.0 amp hour battery)
  • Length: 4-11/16″
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Bare Tool Price: $189.99
  • Kit Price: $399.99 Kit includes (2) 4.0 amp hour batteries and charger

Test Results

  • Drywall Screws: 3rd (1:00.5)
  • Medium Lag Screws: 2nd (0:57.5)
  • Large Lag Screw: 9th (5.56″)
  • Performance Ranking: 4th
  • Temperature Control (medium/large lags): 6th (128/175 F)
  • Ergonomics Ranking: 1st
  • Value Ranking: 7th
  • Overall Ranking: 4th

ACME Tools PTR Trusted Partner

Makita comes away in fourth place overall. On the light and medium duty tasks, it performed very well. It joins the group that didn’t quite have enough muscle to fully drive our 6″ lag screw though. Not surprisingly, the XDT09 walks away with the best ergonomics thanks to an excellent grip design, outstanding feel under load, and being the only impact driver to come in under 2 pounds.

Ridgid R86036K Stealth Force Brushless 1/4-Inch Pulse Driver

Ridgid Stealth Force Pulse Driver

  • Model Number: R86036K
  • No Load Speed: 0 – 1000 / 0 – 1800 / 0 – 2400 RPM
  • Torque: Not listed
  • Impact Rate: 0 – 1700 IPM
  • Bare Tool Weight: 3.04 pounds
  • Weight with Battery: 4.78 pounds (5.0 amp hour battery)
  • Length: NA
  • Warranty: Lifetime Service Agreement
  • Kit Price: $199.00 Kit includes (2) 2.0 amp hour batteries and charger

Test Results

  • Drywall Screws: 1st (0:54.7)
  • Medium Lag Screws: 1st (0:41.2)
  • Large Lag Screw: 2nd (6″, 49.6 seconds)
  • Performance Ranking: 1st
  • Temperature Control (medium/large lags): 10th (149/213 F)
  • Ergonomics Ranking: 10th
  • Value Ranking: 2nd
  • Overall Ranking3rd

Having reviewed the Ridgid Stealth Force prior to this shootout, we weren’t at all surprised that it led everyone else in performance. What was surprising was to see that the fastest 6″ lag screw driving time also resulted in the highest motor temperature we recorded at 213 degrees. That combined with weight that was the highest in the group were the only marks against it. Performance and value are simply outstanding.

Oil impact drivers have the potential to change the game and displace traditional impact drivers. Ridgid is the first to come out with a true impact driver replacement that’s within reach of the average pro (though Makita had the first oil-impulse in the mainstream market). Look for others to come out with their own in the future, but for now, Ridgid owns the market.

Milwaukee 2753 M18 Fuel 1/4-Inch Hex Impact Driver

Milwaukee 2753 M18 Fuel Impact Driver

  • Model Number: 2753
  • No Load Speed: 0  – 3000 RPM
  • Max Torque: 1800 inch pounds
  • Impact Rate: 0 – 3700 IPM
  • Bare Tool Weight: 2.24 pounds
  • Weight with Battery: 3.88 pounds (5.0 amp hour battery)
  • Length: 5.25″
  • Warranty: 5 years on tool, 3 years on battery
  • Bare Tool Price:  $129.00
  • Kit Price: $299.00 Kit includes (2) 5.0 amp hour batteries and charger

Test Results

  • Drywall Screws: 4th (1:07.1)
  • Medium Lag Screws: 4th (1:13.1)
  • Large Lag Screw: 3rd (6″, 50.7 seconds)
  • Performance Ranking: 3rd
  • Temperature Control (medium/large lags): 5th (137/157 F)
  • Ergonomics Ranking: 5th
  • Value Ranking: 3rd
  • Overall Ranking2nd

ACME Tools PTR Trusted Partner

Milwaukee very quietly wrapped up a second place overall finish by being solid in every category. While other models were inconsistent in some areas, the M18 Fuel was in the top 4 for every test we ran. It earned its highest individual honors in the heavy duty test and value. As the best all-around performer, you may want to think about getting this with Milwaukee’s 1200 inch pound M18 Fuel Hammer Drill for an extra $50.

DeWalt DCF887 20V Max XR Brushless 1/4-Inch 3-Speed Impact Driver

DeWalt DCF887 20V Max XR Brushless Impact Driver

  • Model Number: DCF887
  • No Load Speed: 0 – 1000 /  0 – 2800 / 0 – 3250 RPM
  • Torque: 240 / 1500 / 1825 inch pounds
  • Impact Rate: 0 – 3600 IPM
  • Bare Tool Weight: 2.06 pounds
  • Weight with Battery: 3.44 pounds
  • Length: 5.3″
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Bare Tool Price: $129.00
  • DeWalt Kit Price: $269.00 Kit includes (2) 4.0 amp hour batteries and charger

Test Results

  • Drywall Screws: 2nd (1:00.1)
  • Medium Lag Screws: 5th (1:14.9)
  • Large Lag Screw: 1st (6″, 49.5 seconds)
  • Performance Ranking: 2nd
  • Temperature Control (medium/large lags): 2nd (99.3/134 F)
  • Ergonomics Ranking: 3rd
  • Value Ranking: 1st
  • Overall Ranking: 1st

ACME Tools PTR Trusted Partner

DeWalt got it all right by combining performance from light duty to heavy duty to come away with the top honors. Not only did the DCF887 top the performance charts, but excellent ergonomic and value ratings only distanced it farther ahead of the group. DeWalt tied for third in ergonomics and combined it with performance to take the top spot in value with a kit price of $269.


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How does DeWalt win best value when the Stealth Force outperformed the DeWalt and the kit is $199 for the rigid vs. $299 for the DeWalt. The difference being that the DeWalt comes with two 4.0aH batteries and the Ridgid comes with two 2.0aH batteries. I don’t think that warrants a 50% increase in the price.


would it change the value judgement on the ridgid gen 5x brushless if the bare tool was $79-99? you can buy it separate now.


Unless you are a very heavy user, the decision often comes down to what types of battery tools you are already invested in. It’s simply a big plus to have compatible chargers/batteries over the range. In my humble opinion it would be great with some standards – but it’s “of course” not in the manufacturers direct interest. But at least one could hope for the conglomerates (ie. Hitachi/Metabo) to think about adapters and compatibility…


It’s too bad the old Hitachi was used for this comparison. I think the Hitachi Triple Hammer would have been an interesting addition to this test.


Sounds like a dewalt promotion.
Dewalt in my experience is crap metabo all the way.
German made or USA made? No brainer.