Milwaukee M12 Fuel Impact Driver Review

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Impact Driver Gen 3 3453

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Impact Driver Gains Power And New Features In 3rd Generation

The Milwaukee M12 Fuel impact driver saw big improvements from its first generation to its second, gaining power while becoming more compact. We’ve had a chance to get our hands on the third generation to see what’s coming up next.

Editor’s Note: The 3rd generation M12 Fuel Impact Driver is on its way. To see our original review of the 2nd generation, scroll down to the bottom and click “Next Page”

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Milwaukee M12 Fuel Impact Driver Performance

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Impact Driver Gen 3

Let’s start with speed. The Milwaukee 3453 third-generation picks up nearly 10% more speed, moving from 3300 RPM on the 2553 to 3600 RPM on the latest model. Despite that, the impact rate remains the same at 4000 IPM.

The torque also gets a nice boost, jumping up 200 in-lbs to reach 1500 in-lbs in mode 3. That combination of speed and power has the ability to take on some of the compact 18V/20V Max impact drivers.

Controlling the performance is exactly the same as the previous generation with the 4-mode drive control. Press the button in the center to cycle between modes 1, 2, 3, and self-tapping screw.

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Impact Driver Design

Milwaukee 3453

Size and Weight

The size and weight don’t change a ton for the latest model. It’s 5.0 inches long, dropping about 0.1 inch from the last version. The weight comes down a little bit as well, dropping a couple of ounces down to 1.6 pounds bare. A 2.0Ah battery puts the total weight right at 2.0 pounds.

LED Light

The Milwaukee 3453 gets a big upgrade to its LED, shifting from a single light above the trigger to three LED surrouning the collet. It’s a significant different and does a great job of eliminating shadows compared to other light placements.

One-Hand Bit Insertion

One-hand bit insertion is a nice feature that the Milwaukee M12 Fuel impact driver has. Instead of holding the collet out to install bit, just slide it right in and you’re good to go!

Additional Highlights

  • Available protective boot
  • All-metal belt clip
  • Compatible with all Milwaukee M12 batteries

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Impact Driver Price

Look for this model to hit Milwaukee retailers as both a bare tool and kit starting in August 2022. The bare tool price is $139. The kit is $169 and includes a pair of 2.0Ah batteries along with a charger and soft case.

Keep your eyes open for a combo kit that includes the Gen 3 impact driver and Gen 3 hammer drill (model 3497-22)

Milwaukee warranties the tool for 5 years and the batteries for 2 years.

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Impact Driver: Gen 2 Vs Gen 3

Gen 2 (2553)Gen 3 (3453)
Max Speed1300/2400/3300 RPM1700/2900/3600 RPM
Modes3 + Self-Tapping3 + Self-Tapping
Impact Rate0 – 4000 IPM0 – 4000 IPM
Max Torque1300 in-lbs1500 in-lbs
Length5.1 inches5.0 inches
Bare Weight1.8 pounds1.6 pounds
Bare Tool Price$129$139


  • Model: Milwaukee 3453
  • Power Source: Milwaukee M12 battery
  • No-Load Speed: 0 – 1700/2900/3600 RPM
  • Impact Rate: 0 – 4000 IPM
  • Max Torque: 1500 in-lbs
  • Length: 5.0 inches
  • Weight: 2.0 pounds bare

Learn more at Milwaukee’s website!

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