Stopping a Saw Blade with Your Finger Video!

If you thought putting your hand into a live, spinning table saw blade was hard to do—imagine doing it TWICE! This time, Kenny Koehler puts his index finger in the path of the Bosch Reaxx table saw blade. He does it to see how it fares with a front-of-blade contact. And let me tell you, putting your finger in a spinning saw blade is no laughing matter.

Stopping a saw blade with your finger is NOT something you want to try at home (or at work). Pro Tool Reviews took great pains to minimize the potential damage. Imagine what might happen to your finger if the system doesn’t operate as expected. Again, Bosch Tools did NOT endorse or recommend this test.

You can see our previous test that shows what putting your hand in a saw blade looks like. 

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We tested the Bosch ReaXX table saw and the SawStop JSS-MCA jobsite table saw. There are many ways to test how the Bosch flesh-detecting saw will react in a real-world situation. We settled on more dramatic collisions with the blade. After all, it’s not often that you give the blade a feather-like nudge.

Putting Your Finger in a Spinning Saw Blade is Not a Good Idea

Also, if you think stopping a saw blade with your finger is something you’d like to try on your own, we hope you’ll reconsider after watching this video. A spinning saw blade should not be something you want to get anywhere near in a casual manner.

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