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Putting Your Finger in a Spinning Saw Blade

Stopping a Saw Blade with Your Finger Video!

If you thought putting your hand into a live, spinning table saw blade was hard to do—imagine doing it TWICE! This time, Kenny Koehler puts his index finger in the path of the Bosch Reaxx table saw blade. He does it to see how it fares with a front-of-blade contact. And let me tell you, putting […]

Diablo 10-Inch HardieBlade

Diablo 10-Inch HardieBlade Review

Fiber cement boards make a great finished product for several reasons but turning them into the finished product is a little tricky. You can imagine the damage that a cement-based plank can inflict on a blade’s cutting edge and the dust cloud created is hazardous to your health. So what do you do? Well besides […]

How to Touch a Spinning Saw Blade

How to Touch a Spinning Saw Blade

If you haven’t already seen our other videos where Kenny Koehler puts his hand in a saw blade, you should check those out. Today, we took the SawStop jobsite table saw and put it to the ultimate test. How did we do this? By having Kenny again touch a spinning saw blade with the palm of his […]

putting your finger in spinning saw blade

Putting Your Hand in a Saw Blade – Bosch ReaXX Test Video

Kenny Koehler puts his hand into a spinning Bosch ReaXX table saw blade. While we DO NOT recommend anyone else try this at home—or on the jobsite—it is enlightening to say the least. We’ve got additional tests as well as a full jobsite table saw comparison between this tool and the SawStop JSS-MCA jobsite table […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Diablo 40T General Purpose Blade

Diablo 10-Inch 40-Tooth General Purpose Saw Blade

One of the aspects of doing our head to head comparisons among tools is trying to control as many variables as possible so that it’s just the performance of each model we compare. When it came to our recent portable jobsite table saw shootout, that meant putting the same blade on each one. It didn’t […]