Putting Your Hand in a Bosch ReaXX Table Saw Blade Video

Kenny Koehler puts his hand into a spinning Bosch ReaXX table saw blade. While we DO NOT recommend anyone else try this at home—or on the jobsite—it is enlightening to say the least. We’ve got additional tests as well as a full jobsite table saw comparison between this tool and the SawStop JSS-120A60 jobsite table saw. Putting your hand in a saw blade takes some guts, but we figured this was the true test for this flesh-detecting safety technology.

Please note that we minimized the risk during this test. We wanted to be as safe as possible. We’re not disclosing exactly what we did, or how, as we don’t want to encourage anyone else to actually put their hand or finger into a spinning blade. After all, you’re basically trusting sensors and a computer to save your digit(s).

After this and subsequent tests, we’ll have a good idea of how well this saw’s safety system performs compared to the SawStop. Look for additional videos coming from Pro Tool Reviews that discuss both and what our conclusions are about each.

And if you think putting your hand in a saw blade is no big deal, you may want to rethink that after seeing this video.

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