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How to Touch a Spinning Saw Blade

If you haven’t already seen our other videos where Kenny Koehler puts his hand in a saw blade, you should check those out. Today, we took the SawStop jobsite table saw and put it to the ultimate test. How did we do this? By having Kenny again touch a spinning saw blade with the palm of his hand! Don’t worry, we took precautions to make sure we minimized any potential injury. Still, we do NOT recommend you do this at home. It’s also worth noting that neither SawStop nor any of its representatives endorsed or recommended this test.


You Can Touch a Spinning Saw Blade – But Should You?

The short answer? No. You probably shouldn’t. Most table saw enthusiasts have seen the hot dog test or the bratwurst test, but since these saws were built with flesh-detecting technology, we decided to test them using an actual hand. Enjoy!

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Derek Ash

Another dumb video, again, that test is pointless. A lifelike test would be to slowly “feed” a finger into the saw, while it’s cutting wood.