Court Order: Owner of $64 Million Chateau Has 18 Months to Demolish It News & Opinion

Court Order: Owner of $64 Million Chateau Has 18 Months to Demolish It

Chateau Diter Demolition Ordered By French Court, Owner Has 18 Months to Comply

The French aren’t joking around when it comes to putting in buildings without proper approval. A report from Fox News states that Chateau Diter in the French Provence town of Grasse was built illegally in a protected wooded area.


Patrick Diter, a French businessman, knocked down a farmhouse and built his immaculate estate in its place. The property includes gardens, a swimming pool, a helicopter landing pad, and more.

If it sounds appealing, you can host your wedding or shoot a film there for a modest $50,000 per day.

French prosecutor Pierre-Jean Gaury calls the chateau a “pharaonic project, delusional, totally illegal and built illegally.” He adds that Diter built it “in violation of urban planning rules, as well as of safety and environmental rules” and accuses that Diter’s “only concern is money.”

For his part, Diter earns a $500,000 fine and a suspended 3-month jail term plus $500 per day if it’s still standing in 18 months. Diter now admits making mistakes in the proper processes and says he’ll demolish any structure without a permit.


What if…

When I hear stories like this, I think back to a project in our downtown area that was slated to be a classy addition of apartments to the look. By the time the structure was complete, it looked more like a bunch of stacked cargo containers and nothing like the drawings submitted for approval.

Now I have no idea if the builders or owners paid a fine or not, but it sure seems like more justice to have them knock it down or change the exterior until it meets what was actually approved.

What if local and country judges started ordering the demolition or removal of buildings that go up illegally? Is it too extreme or what the builder deserves for circumventing the proper processes and codes?

Let us know what you think in the comments!


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So nobody noticed this $64 million property was violating local ordinances over the entire time it was being constructed?

Michael Fischer

Ses big government

Barry Rosen

File for a backdated permit.

Dustin Travis

Built with no permit? The owner and the builder should be fined.
Yeah it’s a pain to pull permits, but they have them for a reason. When stuff is built wrong or where it shouldn’t be, that’s why we have permits.

Brian Berstler

Building built without proper permits or approvals should be knocked down. If the owner won’t do it, than the local govt should do it, Bill the owner for the work, and then fine them daily for non compliance and and daily until the bills are paid. Make it hurt.