August 4, 2021

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Craftsman LED Lighted Pliers Preview

Craftsman LED Lighted Pliers Preview

Craftsman has put out a new line of Lighted Pliers which feature an LED light that shines directly on the work surface. The design uses a new center hub that allows the LED to rotate with the jaws, keeping the light centered on the work surface while you’re cutting or stripping wires, or otherwise using the pliers. For electricians this could either be a really cool tool, provided the tools also function well in their intended purpose. If we know anything, it’s that there is a dramatic uphill battle to pry a solid pair of Klein’s from a professional electrician’s hand. Still, what appeals to us is the design and innovation in these new Craftsman LED lighted pliers.


Craftsman LED Lighted Pliers Features

The new Craftsman LED lighted pliers, available as long-nose and diagonal and a pair of linemans pliers (“Klein’s”) are in the works as well. The tools seem to be well-suited for low light conditions, but, because of their increased bulk and the focus on the LED feature, we are guessing these will appeal mostly to the home user or occasional DIY type of guy more than the pro electrician. The video below gives a nice overview (note that we’re pretty sure Craftsman meant “Forged” metal instead of “Foraged” metal… unless they went dumpster-diving for the steel used in making these tools).


Since the LED seems to be the focus-feature here, Sears seems to have done well to make it last. It uses three #392 “watch” batteries that are user-replaceable and sealed in a gasketed waterproof (and Craftsman says “chemical-proof” as well – whatever that means) compartment. The LED is rated to 10,000 hours, but there is no data yet on how long they run with the batteries. We’re guessing (we don’t have a sample yet) that the red button on the side of the hub activates the LED. The light stays on until the auto-shut off function engages and there is apparently a “Demo” mode that shuts the light off after just 5 seconds for in-store demo use. For such a new and innovative feature, specifics on how the LED functions and how long it lasts were remarkably scarce.

Craftsman LED Lighted Pliers cutting

We think these Craftsman LED lighted pliers might be great products for the home user – and certainly where there’s innovation we want to be encouraging. Seasoned pros, however, will probably not come away as impressed as the DIYer.

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