DeWalt D25960K 40-pound Demo Hammer Preview

DeWalt D25960K 40-pound Demo Hammer Preview

This week DeWalt announced a new 40-pound Demo Hammer, the D25960K, which is designed to provide heavy-duty performance in a more lightweight design. The DeWalt D25960K demo hammer really fills a great niche between the company’s 20-pound hammers and their 61-pound demo hammers. The tool targets professionals from electricians to plumbers, mechanical, concrete, demolition and general contractors. It also focuses on the comfort of using the tool for extended periods of time, implementing a new SHOCKS systems, which is DeWalt’s feature set of ergonomics and anti-vibration systems designed to make the tool easier to use. In addition to a counter balance mechanism and shock mounted “floating” handle that absorbs vibration, the system also uses a soft start motor to reduce “bit walking” and the whole system activates with a new oversized rocker switch that lets you use the tool without having to hold down a button.

DeWalt D25960K Demo Hammer Features

Because of the new SHOCKS system, DeWalt is able to boast a 6.8 m/s^2 vibration level. This is extremely competitive with newer anti-vibration demo hammers on the market today. While the soft start is primarily to keep the bit steady on start-up, it also eliminates the high current spike on start-up, which provides consistent power under load and trips less breakers.

The DeWalt D25960K demo hammer’s 15-amp motor puts out 1460 beats per minute (bpm) which powers through even difficult jobs in no time flat. The tool has a replaceable cord and removable tool holder and includes a metal latching kit box with heavy-duty casters to ensure you can get the tool to the jobsite easily and safely.

The new DeWalt D25960K 40-pound demolition hammer can accept collared and non-collared 1-1/8″ hex bits and will be available at construction distribution centers this month for around $1,079 MSRP. All of DeWalt’s new SHOCKS Active Vibration Control hammers come with a 2-year free service warranty in addition to the standard 3-year limited warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee.

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