DeWalt XP Hammer Highlights 14 New DeWalt Hammer Models News & Opinion

DeWalt XP Hammer Highlights 14 New DeWalt Hammer Models

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The new DeWalt XP Hammer series focuses on “More Swing, Less Sting” vibration dampening designs. According to DeWalt, the XP series gets its advantage from the grip, reducing vibration by 35% while improving the durability of the material by 25%.

The shaft design helps out as well with a geometry that dissipates vibration better than standard designs. The combination promises to reduce overall fatigue during hammering tasks and make your hammer last longer.

10-Second Summary

  • Reduces vibration by 35% over 1-piece steel general purpose hammers
  • Improves grip durability by 25%
  • DeWalt XP 22-Ounce Steel Hammer is a 2018 Pro Tool Innovation Award Winner
  • 6 model in the XP series run $25.97 – $49.97
  • 8 additional models run $17.97 – $31.97

All of the DeWalt XP Hammer models will also feature a side nail puller. There will be 6 total hammers in the XP line.


DeWalt XP 22-Ounce Steel Hammer: A 2018 Pro Tool Innovation Award Winner

Here’s what our judging team has to say about the XP’s award-winning 22-ounce steel model:

“One-piece steel framing hammers offer an outstanding combination of durability and cost-effectiveness. However, they are not the most comfortable hammers to use since steel is so good at transferring vibration. We love that the new DeWalt framing hammer optimized the design to reduce how much of that strike force gets back to your arm.”

DeWalt XP Hammer Line

  • DWHT51379 16-Ounce General Purpose Hammer: $23.74
  • DWHT51380 20-Ounce General Purpose Hammer: $32.49
  • DWHT51381 22-Ounce Framing Hammer: $29.99
  • DWHT5183 18-Ounce Wood Framing Hammer: $25.97
  • DWHT51135X 12-Ounce Mig Weld Hammer: $44 .99
  • DWHT51138X 14-Ounce Mig Weld Hammer: $49.99


Other New DeWalt Hammer Models

  • DeWalt XP Hammer Highlights 14 New DeWalt Hammer ModelsDWHT51438 12-Ounce Steel General Purpose Hammer: $17.99
  • DHWT51048 16-Ounce Steel General Purpose (Rip) Hammer: $19.97
  • DWHT51439 16-Ounce Steel Curve Claw Hammer: $19.97
  • DWHT51054 20-Ounce Steel General Purpose (Rip) Hammer: $22.80
  • DWHT51064 22-Ounce Steel Framing (Milled) Hammer: $24.99
  • DWHT51452 22-Ounce Steel Framing Hammer: $24 .99
  • DWHT51453 28-Ounce Steel Framing (Milled) Hammer: $26.99
  • DWHT51387 20-Ounce Steel Camper’s Axe: $32.99
  • DWHT51388 3-Pound Drilling Hammer: $24.99
  • DWHT51389 20-Ounce Bricklayer Hammer: $30.99
  • DWHT51385 21-Ounce Framing Hammer: $29.99

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