Dremel Multi-Flex Accessory MM720 Preview

Dremel Multi-Flex Accessory MM720 Preview

The new Dremel Multi–Flex accessory seems like one of the more innovative accessory developments we’ve seen all year, second only to the new SawZall blades we’ve got coming to market this year. The Dremel Multi-Flex has the widest cutting capability of all Dremel oscillating accessories and is the first accessory of its kind designed for detailed cutting and sanding. The Multi–Flex can help users make fine, detailed cuts in a wide variety of materials including wood, metal and plastic. Viewed as a replacement for the traditional coping saw, the attachment can be used in hobby projects such as building a derby car or for home remodeling projects like making intricate cuts in crown molding and baseboards. The Multi–Flex comes with spiral blades to help users achieve these detailed “coping saw” cuts, saw blades to cut across straight lines, and a carbide sanding wire for smoothing surfaces.


  • Make fine, detailed cuts in wood and plastic using your oscillating tool
  • Includes 4 spiral cutting blades, 3 saw blades and 1 carbide sanding wire

Kit Includes:

  • Multi-Flex bracket
  • MM721 Multi-Flex spiral cutting blade (4)
  • MM722 Multi-Flex Saw Blade (3)
  • MM723 Multi-Flex Carbide Blade (1)

For more information visit www.dremel.com.

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