October 26, 2021

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DeWalt 2X Demo Circular Saw Blade Review

How to Make Circular Saw Blades Last Longer

Unless you’re whittling a piece that you chopped from a tree, all the wood in carpentry projects came into contact with a circular saw blade at some point. Even the best circular saw blades can suffer from neglect. We know when the blade gets dull but how are you caring for circular saw blades between the […]

How to Clean a Circular Saw Blade

How to Clean a Circular Saw Blade

What if there was a way to improve your table or circular saw’s performance, extend the life of the blade, and save some bucks by delaying replacement or re-sharpening costs? That sounds like an infomercial. Well, it’s not, but you still should “act now!” as they say. To accomplish those things, make routine blade cleaning part of […]

How Does A Circular Saw's Electric Brake Work

How Does a Saw’s Electric Brake Work

Tool manufacturers continue to add more safety and fatigue-reducing features to their products. Examples abound with auto lock-on switches, auto lock-off switches, blade guards, and shields—just to start. You may take one safety feature for granted simply because you can’t see it—an electric brake. On the best circular saws and many other saws, an electric […]

Best 12-inch Thin Kerf Miter Saw Blades

Best Thin Kerf Miter Saw Blades

For years woodworkers relied on the best table saws or radial-arm saws for their most accurate machine-made miters and crosscuts. When miter saws first came along, they were crude affairs and not readily adopted by those who valued accuracy over portability. For job site carpentry, these tools were great time savers. However, it took quite […]

DeWalt Woodcutting Circular Saw Blades

DeWalt Woodcutting Circular Saw Blade

DeWalt Woodcutting Circular Saw Blade Tracks Higher for Smooth Cuts Later in Life DeWalt takes circular saw blades back to the drawing board with a new design that makes your cuts straighter and more accurate over the life of the blade. With several other features to make your work life more comfortable and efficient, the new […]

Irwin Marathon Circular Saw Blade Review

Irwin Marathon Circular Saw Blade Review

In our ongoing search for the best blade for your circular saw, we come to the popular Irwin Marathon circular saw blade. A lot of our Pros swear by Diablo while Makita has been making excellent blades for a long time and Milwaukee recently got in the game with a premium line. We ran the […]

Diablo Demo Demon with Tracking Point Amped

Diablo Demo Demon with Tracking Point Amped

Carbide changes the game when it comes to saw blade life and durability. And when you move into demo blades like the Diablo Demo Demon with Tracking Point Amped, carbide allows you to cut materials unthinkable previously. It’s one thing to get the titanium carbide on the blade, but small changes make a big difference when it […]

Diablo Demo Demon Amped Video Review

Diablo Demo Demon Amped Video Review

Testing accessories may sound like a breeze, but to do it effectively – and objectively – it’s a lot of work. Still, to put the new Diablo Demo Demon Amped to the test, we not only put it through some tough testing, we also brought along a couple of other demo blades to share in […]

Milwaukee Ax with Carbide Teeth Video

Milwaukee Ax with Carbide Teeth Video Review

After they cut through a whole lot of things that weren’t wood with the new Milwaukee Ax with Carbide Teeth, Milwaukee challenged us to see what we could cut. We asked for some suggestions from our audience and you responded. Here’s some of the coolest, craziest, and silliest things we came up with. Interestingly enough, […]

Diablo 10-Inch HardieBlade

Diablo 10-Inch HardieBlade Review

Fiber cement boards make a great finished product for several reasons but turning them into the finished product is a little tricky. You can imagine the damage that a cement-based plank can inflict on a blade’s cutting edge and the dust cloud created is hazardous to your health. So what do you do? Well besides […]