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Milwaukee's New SawZall Ax Blades

Milwaukee’s New SawZall Ax Blades

When we attended Milwaukee Tool’s 2010 Press Event to check out their new line of tools and accessories, we were forbidden by NDA to talk about their newest line of SawZall Ax blades. This week, the company released us from that and we can now show off the innovative new wood cutting SawZall Blades. They come in both standard and “The Ax” profiles, which delivers a very fast cut with the ability to survive cross-cut nail impacts. The Ax also has one of the quickest plunge cuts of any blade we’ve seen. Take a look at the design of the individual cutting blades and you’ll see how they are made to ride backwards over a nail and not catch, breaking the teeth

Final Cut Saw Blade sandpaper

Final Cut Saw Blade Review

The Final Cut 10″ Saw Blade is one of those ideas that almost seems too easy. Install some sandpaper on the sides of a saw blade and then you can cut and sand in one pass. When we first heard of about the Final Cut Saw Blade it reminded us of something we might see on a late night infomercial that could have questionable results. The idea seemed simple enough, but we had some questions as to durability and long term use that we wanted to investigate.

Lenox 8" Diamond Cast Iron Reciprocating Saw Blade Review

Lenox 8 Diamond Cast Iron Reciprocating Saw Blade

Anyone who has ever gone through the process of attempting to update, remove or otherwise cut into cast iron pipe will find a new appreciation for Lenox Diamond reciprocating saw blades. Cast iron is an incredibly dense, thick metal and it is frequently used in older homes for sewage ventilation and drainage. Tying into this pipe entails a cut across 4-inches of the toughest stuff you’re likely to encounter. To accomplish the task, you’ll need much more than a basic metal reciprocating saw blade.