Diablo Demo Demon Amped Video Review

Diablo Demo Demon Amped Video Review

Testing accessories may sound like a breeze, but to do it effectively – and objectively – it’s a lot of work. Still, to put the new Diablo Demo Demon Amped to the test, we not only put it through some tough testing, we also brought along a couple of other demo blades to share in the fun.

After dozens of cuts in clean wood and a demo cocktail along and several hours of testing behind us, we have some quantifiable results to share with you. Is the Diablo Demo Demon Amped the best demo blade available?

We need to not only look at the testing results but also the after effects on each blade along with the price point. So grab a cold drink and take a look at our video review. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments or how these blades perform for you if you use them!

Diablo Demo Demon Amped Key Features

  • New Tracking Point Amped™, a high-performance 3-tooth grind sequence for unmatched durability and superior tracking control
  • New Tracking Point Amped™ tooth design also delivers extreme cutting efficiency in corded and cordless saws (65% more cuts per battery charge in cordless saws versus other blades)
  • Special DURA-BLEND TiCo™ carbide delivers extreme impact resistance and durability
  • LOCK-TOOTH™ design – Strongest tip-to-blade connection for extreme impact resistance
  • Newly Enhanced Anti-Vibration design provides the ideal combination of stability and rigidity

Diablo Demo Demon Amped Specifications

  • Model: Diablo D0724D
  • Blade Diameter: 7-1/4″
  • Tooth Count: 24
  • Arbor: 5/8″
  • Kerf: 0.059″
  • Ideal For: Extreme framing and demolition
  • Tool Use: Circular saw
  • Rated Materials: Wood cutting
  • Price: $14.95
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