Fasco SCRAIL Metal Roofing System Preview


Whispers coming from the Fasco camp has us excited about the expansion of the Fasco SCRAIL metal roofing system. Still using the same innovative features we’ve come to expect from SCRAIL fasteners, we’ll now be able to attach metal to wood.

Fasco SCRAIL Metal Roofing System Features

There’s not a ton of information out there on the Fasco SCRAIL metal roofing system just yet, but here’s what we do know in terms of features to expect:

The holding power of the Fasco SCRAIL metal roofing system fasteners will exceed 400 pounds.  All colors currently offered in other SCRAIL fasteners will be available.  SCRAIL metal roofing fasteners will come on a collated strip The new fasteners are specifically designed corrosion resistance, withstanding over 2000 hours before showing the first signs of red rust. Leak proof EPDM washers will be attached with effective temperature resistance ranges from -40 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keep your eyes on Fasco America’s website for more information on the Fasco SCRAIL metal roofing system.

The RoofLoc SCRAIL system was developed by the BECK Fastener Group to install metal roofing and facades quickly and efficiently.

Two times faster than collated screws, and eight times faster than bulk screws. This performance could only be reached by the combination of the pneumatic FASCO Roofing Installation Tool and the patented RoofLoc SCRAIL.

Fasco SCRAIL Metal Roofing System

Fasco SCRAIL Metal Roofing System Benefits

  • 0° Plastic Sheet SCRAIL Strips easily stored and loaded
  • 400+ pounds of holding strength
  • Leakproof EPDM-washer resistists temperature contraction due to temperature extremes
  • No metal residue or “pig tails” allows for superior washer seal and eliminates scratches
  • FasCoat exterior finish and SS304 Stainless Steel available

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It’s good to know about which things use for the metal roofing. I think it will help the people who are thinking to install the metal roofing in their houses.

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