October 25, 2021

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Festool Buys SawStop – Acquisition Announced by SawStop


“Festool Buys SawStop!” That’s what text lit up my phone early Monday afternoon and my mind began to spin. My first thought was to double check the source – you know, there’s all that fake news running around. But sure enough, SawStop’s website carries the press release announcing the acquisition by Festool parent company, TTS – Tooltechnic Systems.

“We are proud to join a company with a shared passion for customer safety, product quality and meticulous engineering. Speaking for our entire team in Tualatin, Oregon and across North America, we are excited to join with TTS to bring safer woodworking to more people through new tools and in new markets around the world. With a family like TTS at our side, I can’t wait to see what we will accomplish together.”

– SawStop President, Dr. Stephen Gass

Festool Buys SawStop – What We Know

Festool Buys SawStop

The big deal for SawStop employees is that the SawStop brand will continue to operate independently from their current Tualatin, Oregon facilities. That also happens to be the manufacturing town hosting Kershaw and Zero Tolerance knives as well.

What’s surprising is the speed of the transaction. According to the press release, we expect the acquisition to be complete in July 2017.


From here, all we can do is guess at what comes next after Festool buys SawStop. One thing is for sure – Festool engineering combining with SawStop safety is a win. Both brands carry a higher than average price point thanks to the engineering that goes into their products. I don’t expect that to change much, but incremental upgrades to the SawStop lineup may be coming.

Festool Domino DF XL 700 Review

When we did our table saw shootout, we didn’t really expect to like the SawStop model all that much. By the time we wrapped it up, I really wanted to keep it for my home shop. Even after sticking my hand in both the SawStop and Bosch Reaxx models to show proof of concept, the saw continued to impress me.

See What Happens When I Sacrifice My Hand in a SawStop Table Saw…

… Or in a Bosch Reaxx

SawStop Vs Bosch Reaxx Lawsuit

But that also begs the question of the ongoing SawStop Vs Bosch lawsuit that seems to be gaining the title of the Neverending Story. Will Bosch be able to work out a deal with their fellow Germans?

We’ll see. For now, we’ll look forward to what Festool can bring to the table saw market. And dare I ask – will we see a non-safety table saw from Festool now?

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David S

Well there goes another American company, lost to an owner based in another country. I only hope that the SawStop operations will actually continue to operate independently from TTS. We all remember when a certain German auto manufacturer “merged as equals” with a certain U.S. auto manufacturer only to say afterwards that it wasn’t a merger of equals, they owned them outright, and then proceeded to pilfer the coffers of that U.S. company.


I will never buy a Sawstop product after what they did with Bosch. Making woodworkers pay a massive premium for safety features that should be on every saw.

Them and Festool are a match made in heaven. I can’t wait to see their prices double.

Kokkinidis Steve

What happened with the bosch lawsuit

Mike Treen

I told my wife this last night. Guess who’s ordering a sawstop job site saw today?

Andrew James

Cool, so right after I take out my first mortgage on a house this fall, I can take out a second to buy the damn saw I’ll finally have space for.

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