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Festool SysLite LED Worklamp KAL 100

Festool Debuts SysLite LED Worklamp KAL 100

When the little ‘ole Festool SysLite LED Worklamp KAL 100 was announced we decided to give them a look. The new Festool SysLite LED Worklamp (model KAL 100) includes the lamp, a wall charger, car charger and a carrying bag. It’s simple – or at least it looks simple on the outside… which is just how Festool likes it. The SysLite throws light out in a 170 degree cone, providing a nice even dispersion of light that is perfect for cabinetry work, plumbing and electrical applications, attics, crawl spaces and more. The work lamp is made with a shock-resistant body and can be easily carried around thanks to its compact size.

Festool SysLite LED Worklamp KAL 100 Features

The new Festool SysLite LED Worklamp KAL 100 uses six high-efficiency LED bulbs that can provide up to 4 hours of light on a single charge using its internal battery. Of course, it can run even longer when you pair it with an actual Festool battery. For more accurate or longer term positioning, the SysLite includes a 1/4″ threaded mount on the bottom that should work with any camera tripod.

 Festool SysLite LED Worklamp KAL 100 Festool SysLite LED Worklamp KAL 100 battery

The Festool SysLite LED Worklamp KAL 100 system can also be plugged directly into a vehicle or outlet to provide endless illumination. The SysLite is pretty compact, measuring just 6” x 4” x 3” and weighing only  1.5 pounds.

Festool SysLite LED Worklamp KAL 100 use

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