Frank Lloyd Wright Design Draws Ire of Neighbors

Historical districts – I love driving through them, but when I hear the debates that go on at historic development commission meetings, I get nauseous at some of the pettiness. Enter Frank Lloyd Wright. I was privileged to attend Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida where the largest collection of Wright’s architecture is not only on display, but still in use. I can attest to the near eccentricity of his modernist designs that definitely stand out from traditional architecture.

Frank Lloyd Wright Design vs Downtown Historic District

Architect Louis Cherry and his wife are trying to build a new home in the historical district near Raleigh, North Carolina. They went through the permitting process, were approved in a 4 hour meeting with the historical development commission, but now face opposition from other homeowners in the neighborhood, at least one of which has hired an attorney to overturn the commission’s approval of the modernist home.

What do you think? Should residents of a historical district be able to overturn the commission’s decision? Does a design like Frank Lloyd Wright’s have a place in a historical district that does not contain similar architecture? Let us know what you think!

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