Home Remodeling: Bathroom Remodel Preparation

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So you’re ready to add value to your living space by finally tackling some of the home remodeling projects you’ve been dreaming of. You are making a commitment to doing more than just painting the walls and bringing in new carpet (again). To keep things manageable, you decided to start with a small bathroom remodel. And why not—it should be easier to start small, right?

Tackling a bathroom remodel can involve more complication than it first seems. You have a small space that’s dependent on water and electricity in close proximity. It’s also going to be exposed to frequent moisture in the form of humidity from hot showers. To help the process be a little less stressful, our friend Rob Robillard from A Concord Carpenter has put together an excellent guide on things to consider before you start your bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Remodel Preparation

The first step is to gain an understanding of what you’re about to undertake. Here’s what Rob has to say:

Educate Yourself:

Bathroom Remodel 01

When Preparing for bathroom remodeling, lots of people start by looking at magazines, Pinterest, Houzz, or design books. That’s not a bad way to start, but it won’t give you an idea of what’s truly realistic and available in your area. Before you get too far along or too excited about a photo of someone else’s bathroom, visit local supply stores and research the products and materials that are actually available. Figure out what they cost and what the tradeoffs are. (Some materials photograph beautifully but might stain easily, or cost more than your budget allows.)

Consider using a checklist for manufacturers of fixtures, appliances, hardware, etc. Most people get excited about things like tile and vanities, but tend to leave [until later] the necessary, but less decorative, aspects like bathroom fans. Your project will go smoother if you think through all these aspects up-front.

I always try to suggest quality manufacturers for products that I have installed in the past with proven track records, such as American Standard fixtures, Warmup radiant heat floors, or Basco glass shower doors. Brands like these consistently provide quality products and customer service.

Rob knows what he’s talking about when it comes to preparing for a project like this. If you’re considering this home remodeling project, check out the full article at A Concord Carpenter.

Here’s a Pro Tip of Our Own

As with any work taking place inside your home, remember that strangers will be coming in and out. Be sure to ask if the contractor will provide protection for carpeted and hardwood floor areas. If they won’t, consider providing your own protection. (You might also want to consider hiring a different contractor!) Ruining your flooring doesn’t have to factor into the cost of your project.

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