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Kershaw Blackwash Finish: First Look

Kershaw Blackwash Finish

Kershaw describes the new Blackwash finish as looking like you favorite pair of well worn jeans. Sure enough, the Kershaw Blackwash models look like  knives that have been well loved, but of course in perfect condition and beautifully sharp. I’m certainly intrigued by this look and we arranged to get the Leek Black and Leek Blackwash in the hands of Tom Gaige, so be on the lookout for his review of both the design and the finish in coming weeks.

What’s really cool about the finish is that it looks like the texture of the handle and blade should have a worn feel to it, but in spite of the appearance, it’s perfect. I’ll let Tom tell you about the Leek design itself, but I’m looking forward to finding a spot in my collection for one!

Kershaw Blackwash Models:

Here’s a rundown of the models that you can get with the Kershaw Blackwash finish and their corresponding prices:

  • 1555BW Cyro – $57.99
  • 1555TBW Cyro Tanto – $57.99
  • 1556BW Cryo II – $64.99
  • 1556TBW Cyro II Tanto – $64.99
  • 3880BW Thermite – $64.99
  • 3890BW Scrambler – $64.99
  • 1660BW Leek – $99.99
  • 1670BW Blur – $109.99


Leek Black
Leek Black


Leek Blackwash
Leek Blackwash


To see more and to order your own, visit Kershaw’s website by clicking here.


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