Meet the Latest Kilz Primer: Hide-All

Kilz Primer

Mastechem Industries has announced the latest Kilz primer: Kilz Hide-All. Classified as a primer/sealer, Hide-All is a multi-surface primer that is designed for use on interior surfaces that include drywall, concrete, masonry, cured plaster, woodwork, and previously painted areas.

As a sealant, Hide-All offers an even covering over porous surfaces to help eliminate permeability. As a primer, it’s latex makeup offer high-hiding and fast drying characteristics. The new Kilz primer creates a consistent painting canvas by covering up issues that stem from non-bleeding stains and dark colors. Users can top coat with any latex or oil based paint an hour after application.

Tim O’Reilly, Kilz manager for professional projects and services tells us that “with a number of Kilz products available at Lowe’s, the addition of Kilz Hide-All ensures there is a high-hiding, hardworking primer available for painting projects under tight budgets. With exceptional hide, and at a very attractive price point, Kilz Hide-All is a primer sealer designed to get the job done.”
How attractive is that price point? A 2-gallon bucket  of Kilz Hide-All will cost about $26 (roughly $13/gallon for comparison) currently at Lowe’s. That 2-gallon bucket should cover right at 600 square feet when applied as recommended.

Kilz Hide-All Primer/Sealer Specs

  • Primer type: Interior
  • Material: Latex
  • Available Container Size(s): 2 gallon
  • Tintable: yes
  • Coverage: 600 square feet
  • Pricing: $25.98 (at Lowe’s)

For more information, visit Kilz website or your local Lowe’s retail stores.

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