Recall Alert: Kobalt and Greenworks Mower Recall

Kobalt mower recall

It happens – a product goes out that’s been tested to death, but something happens in the real world that doesn’t happen in other tests and a product undergoes a recall. It’s all in the name of safety for the consumer. This time we’re looking at a Kobalt mower recall and Greenworks mower recall. It’s no secret that Greenworks is the company behind Kobalt’s mowers. As one goes, so does the other.

Kobalt and Greenworks Mower Recall – The Issue

The models under the recall are the 40V dual blade mowers that are among the best initial designs to hit the market for this class. Specifically, we’re looking at the Greenworks 25302 and Kobalt KM2040X-06. The Greenworks cordless mower in question will have date codes from April 10, 2014, to July 17, 2015. The Kobalt models include those dated April 14, 2014, to May 14, 2015. Between the two, there are some 28,000 units out there.

Kobalt mower recall - Greenworks mower recall

The nature of the issue is injury potential stemming from 12 total “incidents” with 5 reporting fire. The issue boils down to a short circuit on the board. Indeed, we had an issue with our Greenworks GMax 40V Twin Force Mower where folding the unit up engaged the motor if there was a battery installed. It’s something we mentioned in our shootout as what we hoped to be an isolated incident. Clearly, it isn’t. While our specific find isn’t on the list as the result, it’s certainly in the realm of possibility.

If you have one of the units under the Kobalt mower recall or Greenworks mower recall, HongKong Sun Rise Trading is the original manufacturer and will repair the mower at no cost. You can contact them at 888-266-7096 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET to get that process going.

Kobalt Mower Recall at a Glance

  • Model: Kobalt KM2040X-06
  • Dual blades
  • 40V
  • Sold at Lowe’s
  • Issue: Circuit Board Short
  • Date Codes: 4/14/2014 to 5/14/2015

Greenworks Mower Recall at a Glance

  • Model: Greenworks 25302
  • Dual blades
  • 40V
  • Sold at, Amazon, and other sites
  • Issue: Circuit Board Short
  • Date Codes: 4/10/14 to 7/17,2015

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