Kyocera Acquires Ryobi Shares

Kyocera Acquires Senco

In yet another display of the company’s sustained expansion, the Kyocera Corporation recently announced another big acquisition. As you may recall, Kyocera took over Senco Tools last summer. Back in 2011, Kyocera bought out the Unimerco Group in Europe. Well, the company isn’t done yet. Hot off the recent press: Kyocera acquires Ryobi shares. 80% of them, in fact. Through this acquisition, Kyocera plans to diversify and further expand its industrial line of tools. The deal was announced back in October 2017 and is now complete.

A quick sidenote so that our US readership doesn’t feel duped by a clickbait title: this acquisition really only applies to the Ryobi brand in Asian markets. TTI still owns the rights to the Ryobi brand name in North American, European, and Oceanic markets. So, while this deal is big news for the company, it shouldn’t affect the Ryobi brand that we in the States have grown to love. But I digress.


Kyocera Acquires Ryobi
The Ryobi tools we’re used to in the US are still TTI products. Only the Asian Ryobi brand is coming up Kyocera ownership.


Kyocera Acquires Ryobi Shares: What To Expect

Through this expansion, Kyocera has plans to more fully engage with the power and pneumatic tool markets. As of right now, the global market worth estimate is around 3 trillion yen. After the Unimerco and Senco acquisitions, Kyocera has set themselves up in a more diversified position in the European and American markets. With Ryobi’s acquisition, Kyocera looks to tackle a larger section of the Asian market by taking advantage of the synergies with its portfolio of other relevant companies.

They also plan to use both companies’ expertise in product engineering and research and development to improve their product lines. Some of the plans in the works include the incorporations of various Kyocera components into Ryobi power tools. Kyocera also looks to implement their IoT (internet of things) technology with the Ryobi line, improving the productivity of the newer products.

For more information, read more about how Kyocera acquires Ryobi power tool business here.


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Charles Meredith

I own just about every tool that RYOBI has ever made.
Only their batteries have failed me,and I have contacted them many times
and they have NEVER responded to me.
So, will someone contact me now?????

Brian Taylor

Never bought a Ryobi anything anyhow….

Mario Antonioli

Elisa Martina

Jared Talley

Now all ryobi drills come with a camera lol

Jared Talley

I went from ryobi to Milwaukee glad since they were basically bought by a phone company

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