October 26, 2021

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Making a 5 Minute Pocket Hole Shelf

5 Minute Pocket Hole Shelf

One of our favorite tools is a pocket hole jig. It allows us to drill holes for hidden fasteners and strong joints. Our purist side almost feels guilty because it’s so easy. We promise that we’ll spend extra time refining the skill of dovetails and m&ts, but now we need a quick, utilitarian shelf for some air compressor accessories. The author is constantly searching for the chuck, air gun, and extra quick connect, so we’ve decided to dispatch the problem with this 5 minute pocket hole shelf. It’s going to be crude and ugly, but it will get the job done while showing off the usefulness of the pocket hole jig. And I won’t have to put so many quarters in the swear jar when it’s time to use the air compressor.

The Corner Pocket

Our 5 minute pocket hole shelf will be made from 2 pieces of scrap stock—one for the bracket and one for the shelf itself. This one’s not intended to hold much weight. Just give yourself enough to work with and enough shelf space to be helpful. This shelf will also be attached to the narrow face of a 2×4, but simply drill your the pocket holes where you need them.

5 Minute Pocket Hole Shelf
Scrap stock. The large piece is the shelf and the small piece is the bracket.

1. Drill Holes to Attach the Bracket to the Shelf

Next, you drill the holes required to attach the bracket to the wall. Also drill the holes to attach the shelf to the wall as needed.

5 Minute Pocket Hole Shelf
Holes for the shelf-wall attachment.
5 Minute Pocket Hole Shelf.
Holes for the bracket-shelf attachment and bracket-wall attachment.

3:59 of the 5 Minute Pocket Hole Shelf

2. Fasten the Bracket to the Shelf

To fasten the bracket to the shelf, use fasteners of the correct length. If you need an extra hand, brace the two pieces against the back of a bench hook like we suggest in these 6 quick home workshop hacks.

5 Minute Pocket Hole Shelf
You’ll need a long bit to sink the fasteners into the pocket holes.

3. Fasten the Shelf and Bracket to the Wall

There are a dozen ways you can do this, so just find one that works best in your shop.

5 Minute Pocket Hole Shelf.
Ahhh, that’s better.

4. Admire Your Work!

That’s pretty much it. You can sleep easier knowing your air compressor accessories will be there when you need them. We told you it wouldn’t be pretty, but it serves the purpose without requiring a bunch of time (or skill, unless taking pictures with one hand and drilling with the other is a skill.) Pocket hole joinery can be much more aesthetically acceptable, but this will hold us over until we make a nicer shelf.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this 5 minute pocket hole shelf. And we hope you build one yourself. If you’re a Pro and you have a joinery tips, add them in the comments below—or contact us with your own Pro tips.

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