Makita Focuses on Janitorial and Sanitation Industry News & Opinion

Makita Focuses on Janitorial and Sanitation Industry

Makita is pushing their cordless tool design into the janitorial and sanitation industry. In addition to products specifically focused on that sector, they are also launching a new microsite for it.

10-Second Summary

  • Janitorial and Sanitation Microsite:
  • Cordless Backpack Vacuums
  • Cordless Compact Vacuums
  • Canister Vacuums
  • Robotic Vacuums
  • Cordless Blowers


“We offer a variety of cleaning equipment utilizing our innovative battery and brushless motor technology to increase product run time and extend the life of the motor. Features such as faster charge, lighter weight and quieter motor allow users to complete their cleaning tasks quicker, with less strain and less disruption to the surrounding area.”

— Jenny Feng, senior product manager

What Makita Tools are Right For Janitorial and Sanitation?

Makita Focuses on Janitorial and Sanitation Industry

Cordless Backpack Vacuums

Both of the cordless backpack vacuums that Makita recommends for janitorial and sanitation are HEPA-rated and their 18V X2 power source means you need to two batteries to run them.

The big difference between them is capacity— the XCV09 has a 1/2-gallon capacity and the XCV17 gives you a little more than 1-1/2 gallons. There’s also a weight difference. The smaller -09 model weighs just under 10 pounds with batteries and the larger -17 model is right at 15 pounds.

XCV09 18V X2 (36V) LXT Brushless Cordless ½ Gallon HEPA Filter Backpack Dry Vacuum

Find out more here.

Get it at Acme Tools: $749

XCV17 18V X2 (36V) LXT Brushless 1.6 Gal. HEPA Backpack Dry Vacuum (Coming soon!)

Cordless Compact Vacuums

Makita’s cordless compact vacuums are what we generally refer to as “stick vacuums”. The XLC03 is the most basic of the three, delivering up to 49 CFM and 25″ of water lift. The other two models have a little more power at 53 CFM and 31″ of lift. While the -03 gets roughly 33 minutes of runtime, the other two can run up to 83 minutes.

The -03 and -04 models both have direct disposal canisters. In other words, you just take the dust canister off and dump it in the trash can. The -05 can be used with reusable or disposable dust bags to help keep the mess contained.

All three models are also compatible with Makita’s cyclonic vacuum attachment. You can learn more about that here.

XLC03 18V LXT Cordless Vacuum

Find out more here.

Get it at Acme Tools: $289

XLC04 18V LXT Brushless 3-Speed Vacuum

Find out more here.

Get it at Acme Tools: $299

XLC05 18V LXT Brushless 3-Speed Vacuum

Find out more here.

Get it at Acme Tools: $299


Canister Vacuums

Makita’s canister vacuums are known well by our team thanks to their use as dust extractors for our power tools. By adding vacuum attachments, they’re great for janitorial and sanitation as well.

The XCV04 and XCV13 feature HEPA filters and are for dry collection only. They’re capable of 74 CFM and 36″ of water lift while running up to 65 minutes on their 18V X2 power source.

The XCV06 and XCV14 move into wet/dry cleanup and forgo the HEPA filter. These give you up to 74 CFM and can run about an hour and 15 minutes on a charge.

The VC4210L is very different from the two-gallon models we just mentioned. This one holds up to 11 gallons and shifts back to corded power. Its 12-amp motor gives you much great power—148 CFM and 92″ of water lift.

XCV04 and XCV13 18V X2 (36V) LXT HEPA Filter Dry Dust Extractor/Vacuum

Find out more here (XCV04)and here (XCV13).

Get it on Amazon (XCV04): $629

Get it at Acme Tools (XCV13): $689

XCV06 and XCV14 18V X2 (36V) LXT Brushless Wet/Dry Vacuum

Find out more here (XCV06) and here (XCV14).

Get it at Acme Tools: $454.99 (XCV06); $479 (XCV14)

VC4210L 11 Gal. Wet/Dry Dust Extractor/Vacuum with HEPA Filter (Coming soon!)

Robotic Vacuums

Makita’s robotic vacuum is designed for keeping larger spaces clean. It has a specifically-designed guidance system to give it a boost in productivity and a brushless motor that runs up to 200 minutes on a charge with two 5.0Ah batteries.

DRC200 18V X2 (36V) LXT Brushless Robotic Vacuum

Find out more here.

Get it at Acme Tools: $1,419


Cordless Blowers

Makita recommends 3 of their blowers for janitorial and sanitation tasks. If higher airspeed is what you’re looking for, go with the DUB182. It pushes air up to 179 MPH with 91 CFM. The DUB182 has the same 91 CFM airflow but brings the airspeed down to 116 MPH when you don’t need quite as much velocity.

The XBU03 has a more classically designed leaf blower design. It gives you 116 MPH of airspeed and kicks up the airflow to a much higher 459 CFM.

DUB182 18V LXT Blower

Find out more here.

Get it on Amazon: $198.95

DUB183 18V LXT Blower

Find out more here.

Get it on Amazon: $99 (Tool Only)

XBU03 18V LXT Brushless Blower

Find out more here.

Get it at Acme Tools: $199

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