Mastercraft Battery Charger Recall

Mastercraft Recalls 3-hour 18V Battery Chargers

Canadian Tire (who distributes the MasterCraft brand of products) is recalling some battery chargers that pose a safety risk from overheating. The recall is for the Mastercraft three hour battery charger (model No.54-2973 54-2772), sold with the Mastercraft 18V Cordless Drill kits and combo kits between 2000 and 2009. It has been determined that the drill charger may overheat, posing a safety concern. There have been incidents of minor property damage as a result.

Techtronic Industries, which is handling the recall, unofficially informed one news source that the company had been informed by authorities in Canada of some 75,000 units being involved.

Canadian Tire said the charger can overheat, posing a safety concern, and there have been reports of minor property damage.

Customers are asked to immediately stop using the product and contact Techtronic Industries, toll-free at 1-800-597-9624, for information on getting a replacement charger at no cost. Techtronic Industries said it would begin shipping the replacement chargers April 19.

Quick Stats

Name of Product: Mastercraft battery charger model 54-2973-4, 3 hour 18 V battery charger.

Units: Approximately 75,000 chargers were sold in Canada.

Manufacturer/Importer: Techtronic Industries Co., Ltd.

Hazard: Drill Charger may overheat.

Incidents/Injuries: No injuries reported. There have been incidents where damage to the charger and/or minor property damage occurred.

Description/Models: The recall involves the Mastercraft model 54-2973-4 battery charger distributed with the Mastercraft 18V model 54-2973-4 Drill. Both were sold in a drill kit and a model 54-2772-2 combo kit. The chargers are black, the name “Mastercraft,” appears on the front of the charging stand, and “18v” appears in the charging stand at the bottom of the receptacle for the battery stem. One hour versions of the charger are not affected.

Sold by: Canadian Tire When was distributed: Between 2000 and 2009.

Manufactured in: China

Remedy: Techtronic Industries will provide consumers with a replacement charger. Consumers should stop using the existing charger and contact Techtronic Industries at the number provided below for instructions and information on having the free replacement charger shipped to them.

Consumer Contact: Customers should contact Techtronic Industries toll-free at 1-800-597-9624, for further information and a free replacement charger.

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